Mother-duck: the doctor told how to return the gait after childbirth

During pregnancy and childbirth, enormous changes occur in a woman’s body, including in the musculoskeletal system. The projection of the pelvic bones changes, and with it the gait of a pregnant woman undergoes changes, which is quite normal.

The hormonal background of the expectant mother is changing, and this affects the cartilage joints and ligaments. The pelvic bones become more mobile so that the child can overcome the birth canal.

With the end of pregnancy, the «duck» gait inherent in expectant mothers disappears. However, sometimes this does not happen. There remain the mincing step inherent in pregnant women, difficulties when climbing stairs. At the same time, there are pains, swelling in the pelvis, which greatly overshadows the life of a young mother. There may be several reasons for this:

lack of calcium and vitamin D;

asymmetry of the pelvis;

the hormone relaxin is higher than normal;

large fruit;

rapid childbirth;

pelvic injuries in the past;

weakness of ligaments and connective tissue.

Childbirth is a rather intensive and responsible process, which always leads to impaired mobility of the pelvic bones. One of the most common postpartum conditions is inflammation of the symphysis (a transitional connection between the bones of the skeleton). Osteopathy techniques help to avoid it or eliminate it immediately after childbirth.

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