Mom straightened her one-year-old daughter’s curly hair: The Internet is outraged

Crystal Harden likes to take care of herself and post the results on Instagram, and her daughter will probably follow in her mother’s footsteps. By nature, the girl has luxurious curly hair that looks best in an afro hairstyle, but that’s why they are women with their mother to try new things. It turned out, frankly, very nice, but what Crystal didn’t take into account was the contradictory reaction of the Internet audience to her act. So who is right?

Photo of baby Hayden before the hairstyle change. In her year with a ponytail, she most often looks like this.

Mom straightened her one-year-old daughter's curly hair: The Internet is outraged

And here is the result of straightening the girl’s hair. It’s also cute and it’s clear that it’s not forever.

Mom straightened her one-year-old daughter's curly hair: The Internet is outraged

Posting a photo, Crystal was counting on praise, they say, what a beautiful girl you have. They say, it’s not good at such a young age to get so fixated on beauty to resort to methods used by adult aunts. Quote: «let the unfortunate child remain a damn child and that’s it!». And many others, of varying degrees of rudeness and adequacy of comments. In one thing, all the detractors are certainly right — Aiden is really still a very young child.

And what about the arguments in favor of such an act? In addition to the sacramental «you don’t have to report to anyone», there were also those who scrolled through mom’s Instagram. And there are quite a lot of photos of Aiden with different hairstyles, not particularly complicated, but it is obvious that manipulations with hair are not new for the girl. And nowhere does she look depressed or unhappy, on the contrary, imitates her mother and admires herself. Childish.

On the one hand, the question of the egg eaten is not worth it. And on the other hand, the Internet only lives by fiercely discussing such burning topics. So, your opinion: did mom do the right thing with her daughter’s hair or not?

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