Mom shared the best way to find a lost child in the store

Jess from the USA runs a blog about motherhood in TikTok, to which more than 356 thousand people have subscribed. She herself is raising three sons, so Jess has enough experience in parenting.

So, recently a mother with many children shared a trick that once saved her child’s life. Jess told how one of her sons disappeared during a shopping trip. And that’s what she did:

«If your child ever, God forbid, gets lost in a public place (and such things happen even to the best parent), if you are in an amusement park, zoo, shopping mall, wherever it is, and you look around and the child is not there, do not try to look for him silently.

Instead, immediately start shouting out a description of the child while looking for him.

It will sound like this: «I’m looking for a five-year-old boy, short brown hair, brown eyes, red Nike T-shirt, black shorts…» Repeat this over and over while looking for a child.»

Jess explained how this method is useful.

Mom shared the best way to find a lost child in the store

«Now not only you, but everyone around you will be looking for your child,» says mom. — At best, someone will find it and return it to you. In the worst case, if someone left with your child, he will most likely let him go so as not to attract too much attention to himself.»

Yes, you may feel stupid shouting loudly in the store, but the consequences can be much worse.

«It’s much better to look stupid than to regret later,» says Jess. Mom admitted that she herself learned this advice from an expert, and it was a big discovery for her.

Jess’s subscribers thanked her for such useful information.

«The other day, this advice helped me find my son at Disneyland,» admitted one of the followers.

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