Mom of 4 children showed what she has to go through to change their clothes

Corrie White is very young, she is only 26, but she is already a mother of many children. Probably, when a resident of the Canadian city of Ontario, after giving birth to her daughter Emily, almost immediately became pregnant again, she said to herself about the same thing that all moms who find themselves in such a situation say: nothing, of course it will be hard with two babies, but the kids will not be bored with growing up together.

Then she could not even imagine how soon both Emily and herself would become bored, because she gave birth to triplets! Millions of Internet users are watching how a young mother copes with such a horde of babies. Yes, Corrie manages not only to raise her babies, but also to keep a Facebook page called The Baby Gang.
Mom of 4 children showed what she has to go through to change their clothes
Subscribers of a mother with many children are touched by the patience she shows, coping with four fidgets, and at the same time a smile does not leave Corrie’s face! It seems that this woman is the very equanimity! Recently, Corrie White posted a video on her page of how she, preparing for bed her children, 2-year-old Emily and 8-month-old Olivia, Jackson and Levi, puts them in night pajamas. It has already been viewed by more than 40 million people worldwide!

Looking at this family swarming and trying to crawl away in various directions, one can only wonder how mom manages to control the process of their movements and at the same time, with an unchanging smile, continue to deftly pull clothes on the children.

Of course, experience affects. Although Corrie admits that children are now at such an age that it is increasingly difficult for her to synchronize the older with the younger ones. But these difficulties will pass. And they will be replaced by new ones…

Of course, Corrie’s husband Dan helps in everything, and 140 thousand subscribers of The Baby Gang support morally.

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