Mom has not cut her son’s hair for 9 years. How is it

Nine-year-old Briton Reilly Stancombe has never been to a hairdresser in his life. And he had several reasons for this.

For nine years, Reilly’s hair has grown to the waist, and this hairstyle has made the boy a real local celebrity: all the neighbors know him and not only. Stancombe’s mom Daisy said that the story of her son’s curls began in early childhood. Then the hair barely reached the shoulders, and no one planned to grow it. But the boy became interested in football, and his idol was Gareth Bale – a long-haired football player. Reilly wanted to be like him.

Mom has not cut her son's hair for 9 years. How is it

But later the boy had another more serious reason not to get rid of his hair. At the hospital where Reilly underwent regular stomach examinations, he met cancer-stricken children. After chemotherapy, they were losing their hair, and Stancombe was sad and sad to look at their experiences. Then the guy decided to grow his hair so that he could donate it for wigs. And this is worthy of respect.

Reilly’s hairstyle has become part of his style and personality. He feels attractive and wears his hair long with pride. Peers do not mock him, because they know the reason for such an unusual decision. And although Stancombe was used to his curls, he did not back down from the idea of giving them away.

Mom has not cut her son's hair for 9 years. How is it

In 2020, Reilly turned nine, and he realized that he was ready to carry out his plans. The boy signed up for a hairdresser on August 18. He himself claims that he is not worried at all and will be happy to wear a short haircut. Stancombe’s mom Daisy believes that there is still cause for excitement, but her son does not take up determination, so everything will go according to plan. Reilly said that he would give his hair to sick children and thereby make them a little happier.

Mom has not cut her son's hair for 9 years. How is it

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