Mom decided to feed her daughter chocolate mousse for the first time

Victoria Jagger from the British county of Kent became a mother about a year ago, when she was 35 years old. Her daughter, Summer Jill, grew up quickly. And on the day when the girl turned one year old, her mother decided to treat her to her own favorite dessert, namely chocolate mousse.

A significant moment Jagger decided to shoot on camera. The mother herself is not visible in the frame, because all the attention of the operator is focused on the main star. And the girl after the mousse test truly became a star.

Mom decided to feed her daughter chocolate mousse for the first time

As soon as the girl took a bite of the delicacy with a spoon, she began to actively gesticulate and look at her mother. Apparently, little Summer Jill was trying to convey to her parent the whole unusual range of sensations from the new food.

In the footage, laughing, mom puts a spoon with dessert in her daughter’s fingers, but she is also so overcome with delight from dessert that she does not understand how to use a spoon. So Mom has to put the mousse right in her mouth again.

The artistry of the baby conquered users. That’s why the video of little Summer Jill trying chocolate mousse for the first time has gained thousands of views.

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