Mom asks: At what age can I take a child to the cinema

In the section «Ask an expert a question», our reader Jane asks:

«The child is five years old. He asks to go to the cinema for a cartoon, and I’m worried if it’s harmful to the eyes and hearing? Tell me, at what age is it worth taking a child to the cinema? Maybe there are some contraindications? Isn’t it harmful for vision, especially 3D movies? Should the sound volume be limited in cinemas for children’s films and cartoons?»

Children should be brought to the cinema from about four to five years old. At an earlier age, the eye has not yet fully formed, a movie show can lead to its overstrain.

Also, by the age of five, the child, as a rule, already understands the rules of behavior, he is more diligent. Moreover, at this age he is better prepared for the perception of the plot, loud sound and changing bright pictures on the big screen.

To prevent the child’s eyesight from experiencing a heavy load during the session, parents should choose places to view above the fourth row. Children under five to seven years old are not recommended to attend 3D sessions.

Ask an expert a question
In order for the eye to relax, during the rest, the child should actively move, look into the distance, sideways, look at his feet. No wonder doctors advise children to spend as much time outdoors as possible. During a walk, the child constantly shifts his gaze from one object that interests him to another, then to the right, then to the left, then into the distance, thanks to this, the eye relaxes, then strains, that is, trains.

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