Mistakes we make when choosing vegetables

Myth number 1:
Vegetables brought from afar undergo a thorough quality check

It is often possible to observe how queues line up in supermarkets for cucumbers and tomatoes from Central Asia. And we want to believe that they were not processed by anything! But this is not the case. For example, the shelf life of cucumbers is 7 days, so first of all pay attention to the manufacturer. A vegetable that has come from afar cannot look fresh and appetizing without chemical treatment. Therefore, when choosing cucumbers, it is worth giving preference to domestic producers. The same applies to tomatoes.

Myth number 2:
The refrigerator keeps it fresh

There is a standard: in stores, packaged tomatoes and cucumbers are stored in the refrigerator. But it is worth remembering that at low temperatures, both cucumbers and tomatoes lose their flavor and taste. Therefore, if you have purchased fresh vegetables and want to preserve their smell, you should not put them in the refrigerator. It is better to eat them on the same day!

Mistakes we make when choosing vegetables

Myth number 3:
You should always focus on the smell

A smooth surface without dents, elastic peel are the main criteria for choosing a tomato. Black spots are unacceptable on it, which are a sign of the rotting process. If tomatoes are sold on a branch, then it should not be dry, its color should be green. Sellers often put one tomato in a section on the counter to demonstrate the quality of the product being sold. Take a closer look: the seeds should be of a uniform light yellow color on the cut. The seeds inside the tomato should never begin to germinate! However, if you do not trust visual inspection, there is a way to find out about the freshness of the tomato for sure. Just smell it in the stalk area: if there is a characteristic tomato smell, then the fruit is fresh.

Cucumber should not be soft and without black dots. You can ask to cut the cucumber lengthwise and evaluate visually: the slice of a fresh cucumber is light green, in no case are yellow formations or yellowed seeds allowed inside. If there is a flower on a cucumber, then it should also be fresh. Since cucumber consists of 90% water, there is no characteristic smell to be guided by.

The appearance of a tomato depends not only on its freshness, but also on its taste. If the tomato is brown, then its shelf life will be longer. But expect a brighter taste from red tomatoes.

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