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Simple truths
The skin around the eyes is an area of special attention. Thin, very sensitive and practically devoid of subcutaneous fat, she experiences serious overloads day after day: we actively blink (up to 10,000 times a day) and squint. Even at night, the delicate periorbital zone experiences facial tension due to eye movements during particularly pleasant or, conversely, too disturbing dreams! The delicate area often suffers from a lack of nutrients and moisture, as well as from disorders of blood and lymph microcirculation. A side effect of this is the formation of fine wrinkles, «bags» and dark circles under the eyes. What is important to remember?

1. Choose the right care. Use for the skin around the eyes is not a face cream, but a special remedy. Depending on the condition of the skin around the eyes and its needs, use moisturizing or anti-aging products. There is no universal care for the skin around the eyes, but she will definitely respond with gratitude to the inclusion of antioxidant products in the care program.

In the evening, use the product for the eye area 1-1.5 hours before bedtime, and in the morning after applying, wait 8-10 minutes to start makeup.

2. Apply it correctly. This should be done in the morning and in the evening. The main rule is not to apply the product to the area of the mobile eyelid, do not rub or stretch the skin. Distribute a small amount of cream or gel around the eyes and with soft tapping movements drive into the skin with the pads of the middle and ring fingers in the direction from the inner corner to the outer, without approaching the ciliary edge from below.

3. Arrange a rest for the eyes from cosmetics. The eyes especially need it, since the daily application of a thick layer of decorative cosmetics does not allow the skin to breathe normally, provoking oxygen starvation and moisture loss.

4. To carry out the prevention of «crow’s feet». It is possible to make only the emerging fine wrinkles disappear completely with the help of good lifting care. But at the same time, you must not forget to follow simple rules: do not go out in the sun without sunscreen and sunglasses, choose the right eye makeup remover, do not rub your eyes and do not squint.

Rescue Service
Most often, the zone of the periorbital region experiences not one, but several problems at the same time. Therefore, the demand for cosmetics that solve all the pressing problems at once (smoothing wrinkles and strengthening the skin, lightening dark circles, reducing «bags») is growing. Patches continue to be the most popular means of caring for the periorbital area – a convenient and effective tool. Patches can be fabric-based or non-woven, as well as hydrogel. The latest novelty is patches based on biocellulose, natural and incredibly soft, which look and «lie down» like a second skin (they can be left under the eyes all night). Another innovation is patches with microneedles, which are obtained, for example, from hyaluronic acid by its crystallization. In the form of micro-needles, they penetrate the skin and allow the active substances to act in deeper layers.

The next popular beauty trend is blur-means for the periorbital zone (from the English blur – «blurring, defocusing»), giving the effect of instant transformation. The result of their application is noticeable immediately after application: such creams instantly «erase» wrinkles, eliminate redness and other imperfections of the skin, improve texture. The effect, however, persists only for a while. Nevertheless, SOS products are a great way out of a situation when you need to quickly give your eyes a fresh, rested look. They can be used in combination with conventional care products and serve as a good base for foundation.

However, the cream, and all kinds of masks, and express funds, and patches should have a «working» composition. It is worth paying attention to the ensembles of antioxidants (for example, superoxide dismutase, amino acid complexes, vitamins C and E, alpha-lipoic acid). Complexes with peptides that provide complex support to the skin around the eyes are now on the wave of popularity. In addition, feel free to look for caffeine, L-ascorbic acid, arnica, cornflower extract on the label. These ingredients are part of the products, the action of which is guaranteed to eliminate swelling, stimulate blood circulation and get rid of dark circles under the eyes.

Making eyes
Brow house
The continuation of the path to the perfect look is perfectly outlined and slightly raised eyebrows. How to achieve this? The master tells:

«Today, natural, wide, slightly disheveled eyebrows are in fashion. Another thing is that they don’t suit everyone, so it’s better to focus on the natural form, refining it if necessary. According to the classical canon, the color of the eyebrows should be two tones darker than the color of the hair (or the roots, if they are colored). This has not been an axiom for a long time, and many girls are not afraid to be guided by the rule «the brighter, the better». Cosmetics will help to focus on the eyebrows, and to achieve a long–term effect – coloring with paint or henna. The paint is good for everyone, except for the «chemistry» in the composition, because of which it is not recommended to use it more than twice every 10-14 days. You can paint your eyebrows with henna at least every week: an absolutely natural composition is diluted with water, without harming either the skin or the hair. Henna visually adds volume to the contour of the eyebrow, gently darkening the skin space between the hairs (the paint stains only the hairs). When planning preparation for an important event, expect that the paint will last on the eyebrows from 4 to 10 days, and henna – 5-15. In owners of oily skin, due to the abundant sebaceous secretion, the dye on the eyebrows «lives» 1.5 times less. Correct eyebrows optimally every 1.5–2 weeks, and it is better to do it with a specialist. Tweezers or thread – a matter of taste. But I would like to remind you that eyebrow correction with a thread came to us from the East, where women naturally have hard thick hair, unlike Slavs. The thread perfectly copes with a host of fluffy hairs, leaving behind a perfectly smooth brow space and a clear contour from above, but the consequence of such a procedure may be the ingrowth of weakened hairs under the skin. Also be careful with scissors! The hairs at the base of the eyebrow can and even should be carefully trimmed, but it is better not to touch the length of individual specimens that break out of order closer to the tail, so as not to get a lowered eyebrow, which will give the face a dull look.»

Making eyes

98% of women  believe that the eyes determine the beauty of a person. That is why we may not always use foundation, but we will never forget about mascara. Increasingly, women who have to adjust their eyesight use contact lenses (the frame of glasses often distorts not only makeup, but also facial features). Modern contact lenses are very different from their predecessors: innovative production technologies and high-quality materials make them as comfortable as possible for the eyes. Now contact lenses are made of biocompatible materials (mainly silicone hydrogel): they allow the eyes to «breathe» and receive exactly the same amount of oxygen as without lenses. In addition, modern lenses are very soft due to the content of a large amount of water – this is necessary so that the eyes are comfortable throughout the entire period of wearing. If you use lenses, remember that you can do makeup only after you put on the lenses, and remove it after you take it off! This simple rule will protect your eyes from getting small particles of cosmetics on the mucous membrane, and also better preserve the lenses themselves. Pay attention to the choice of cosmetics. Give preference to cream powder and shadows, rather than crumbly structures, choose a high-quality mascara that will not crumble, which means it will not cause irritation to the eyes.

For dessert, we offer tips that will help your eyes sparkle for real.

Shadows will crumble and roll down less if you first degrease the area of the mobile eyelid: blot it with a matting cloth and apply a special base for eye makeup.
Paint the interstitial space with a soft pencil, even when you only have mascara in your plans from the beauty arsenal. Gaps in the ciliary row look sloppy, and dense eyeliner, on the contrary, creates a visual feeling of fullness of the inner part of the upper eyelid and makes the eyelashes longer.
For «tired» eyes, matte shadows add a couple of years, and mother-of-pearl make swollen eyes even more «tear-stained».
Mascara for the daytime make–up should be applied in two layers, and for the evening version – in three. Between applying layers, take a break of 3-4 minutes to allow them to dry well. Do you want to make your eyelashes even thicker and more voluminous? Use a primer before mascara.

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