Makeup for special occasions

With a great desire, it is allowed to shine at least every day, but a social event still assumes the most active palette and allows theatrical grotesque. Even if you prefer a natural bow, it is recommended to strengthen the colors on a solemn occasion: there will be a lot of young beauties around your cavalier, and they will almost certainly come fully armed. The means of «instant transformation» will help to create a vivid image. They will save the situation, even if an impromptu holiday falls on tonight.

Clear eyes
To begin with, it is important to refresh your face and remove traces of fatigue. This preliminary procedure should not be neglected, especially if the publication is scheduled for the evening of the working day. For the eye area, choose life-saving patches. If you choose the miracle patch correctly, the effect will be better than from the classic cream. ­
And don’t forget: 10 minutes spent on yourself will give you a pleasant feeling of accomplishment and confidence that you have tried very hard, your mood will improve, and your eyes will sparkle automatically. Patches are different in composition and purpose. To remove bruises and swelling, look for a drainage effect. It is responsible for caffeine, vitamin K, extracts of chamomile, green tea, licorice, calendula and special synthetic complexes, which are different from different manufacturers. It is best to store patches in the refrigerator: additional coolness will accelerate microcirculation and lymph outflow. Masks for removing edema will also cope with the task. As in patches, the concentration of active substances in these products is initially higher than in a standard cream, so you can expect more from them at once.

Smooth surface
Masks, fillers, serums and creams with an instant lifting effect are always ready to respond to SOS signals. And their kindness is worth taking advantage of. If the skin is mature or unkempt, a miracle will not happen, but visually the difference will become noticeable. As part of this group of products, there is almost always collagen. Like a gel-like glue, it fills in fine wrinkles, pores and cavities, stretching and smoothing the skin. It will be even better if the composition contains hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, natural vegetable oils and vitamins, especially E and A. Do not be afraid of such temporary «fillers» as natural wax, glycerin, stearin alcohol and synthetic silicones. They settle exclusively at the level of the stratum corneum. The only thing is that you must be mentally prepared for the «moment of truth», and it will certainly come: when you wash off the magic mask, every wrinkle will return to its original place.

A vintage comb or a barrette of unusual shape, decorated with shimmering rhinestones, will add a festive mood and help not to get lost among other beauties.

Perfect tone
If you’ve never used a primer, it’s time to get to know it. It creates an additional layer that helps to achieve a perfectly even complexion, which definitely adds chic. And with the help of a primer, it will be possible to fix makeup. Just do not forget to pre-saturate the skin with moisture. The rule to use moisturizers – cream or serum – before the primer should become ironclad for you. Choose the color carefully. Pink shade allows you to achieve a porcelain glow, yellow masks dark circles under the eyes, and green veils the vascular network and redness foci.
Instead of a primer, you can use universal transforming creams with reflective microspheres. They allow you to achieve the effect of «photoshop» in a matter of seconds: enlarged pores, fine wrinkles, redness disappear before your eyes.
Each of us has tonal means, but sometimes it’s worth trying new products. For example, why not have a tonal stick in your makeup bag? It will help you quickly refresh your makeup in the midst of a party.

Beauty life hacks
Starting directly with makeup, try to add expressiveness to the image and correctly place accents.
If you are used to using only mascara, do not be lazy to get a soft eyeliner and paint the gaps between the eyelashes. This technique gives the look an additional languor and attractiveness. To be sure, give preference to persistent formulas: they will withstand even passionate tango or hot salsa.

For evening makeup, it is permissible and even desirable to dye your eyelashes three times. After each next approach, maintain an interval of 5 minutes so that the layers have time to dry well – then the mascara will not roll off. Try an eyelash primer if you want to achieve the same volume as in advertising. Or before coloring, dust them lightly with mineral powder.
If you choose matte lipsticks that are still on trend this spring, use lip scrubs regularly. A muted velvet coating looks expensive and appropriate only on a perfectly flat surface. Do not limit yourself to classics all the time: even the boldest shades, including ash or Gothic, will suit the evening look. If the lips peel off, it is better to hide this misunderstanding under a thick layer of gloss.

With jewelry, costume jewelry or sequins on the dress, you can safely combine liquid glitter with a metallic or mother-of-pearl tint.
If by the end of the working day the sparkle in the eyes has gone out, white shimmering shadows or a white pencil, which can be used to work out the edge of the lower eyelid, will help to restore freshness and add enthusiasm. And if you apply a lightening tonal foundation specifically for the area around the eyes, not only on the lower, but also on the upper eyelid, you can immediately become younger by 5-10 years.

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