Magic tapes: what problems will taping help solve

Taping is based on a change in the tone of fascial and muscle tissues under the influence of minimal tension. This tension is created by applying a special tape to the skin surface — sticky tape.

Thus, tension is formed on the surface of the skin, changing the tone of all the underlying tissues, there is an effect of relaxation, or restructuring of the muscular and fascial stereotype.

As a result, microcirculation improves, muscle tone is restored, lymphatic and venous stagnation is eliminated. But we must understand that taping is an additional procedure to any main method of treatment, contributing to an increase in the effect of therapy.

What problems can taping solve:


fine facial wrinkles;

stretch marks;

cellulite manifestations;

pain that occurs when there is an increased load on the muscles.

In addition, taping helps to restore the oval of the face, muscle elasticity and joint mobility. And with the help of tapes, you can lose weight and improve the quality of your skin. But the most important effect is a change in the tone of muscle and fascial tissues. At the same time, the tissue changes so much that the stereotype changes, according to which the muscles and fascia contract and relax.

How long does the therapy with the help of tapes last?
Treatment with tapes can take from several days to several months. The short time is due to the rapid recovery and improvement of tissue tone and elasticity, blood flow.

To obtain more global effects — recovery, formation and consolidation of the pattern after manipulation of rehabilitation therapy — tapes need to be used for a longer period, several months.

Is it possible to learn independent taping?
It is possible, since there are methodological recommendations, indications and contraindications, the developed methodology. To do this, you do not need to have a special education.

It is better to use factory tapes, time-tested and sold in online sports stores. But before you start using the tapes yourself, it’s still worth visiting a specialist who will clearly explain and show everything.

Contraindications for taping:
increased body temperature;

damage to the integrity of the skin, open wounds, bleeding, skin rashes;

mental disorders and any other diseases during the period of exacerbation.

it is absolutely not worth doing independent taping for people with diabetes. In this case, you should definitely consult a doctor.

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