Jump, jump, clap: you can start preparing for school from the age of two

You will say: based on this, every kid is a potential Einstein. And the deeper his «awl in the ass», the higher the probability that the child will become a genius. Is it so? Let’s deal with the expert.

«The program of motor development should be present in the lives of children starting from the age of two. We are talking about active work with hands, feet, as well as cross movements. All this affects the development of interhemispheric interaction. In the future, it will be necessary for the child to learn reading and writing.»

When and where to start
You need to start from an early age and with the simplest movements. At the age of 2, I got up and went down the stairs, walked along the bench. At the age of 3, he crawled into the hoop, sat down several times and jumped up.

The ability to control movements, remember their order, act according to the rules — all this forms the areas of the brain responsible for motivation, as well as the ability to regulate their behavior.

By the age of 5, children ideally perform whole movement programs. In addition, they should be able to swim and ski, or at least learn how to do it.

But it is not necessary to enroll the child in several sections in a row, it is better to figure out how to add variety to your joint leisure.

Please note — the child’s movements should be purposeful, not chaotic. Otherwise, such activity will not give positive results, but will only exhaust the baby.

How to understand for yourself what a child is capable of?
Try to do exercises with it. See if he can keep his attention on one task, whether he performs the exercises in the right order. Let him try to repeat the complex without your prompting, and if it is difficult for him, then choose a simpler sequence: 2-3 movements or 2-3 exercises.

How will this help with your studies?
A certain program of actions, the need to arrange body parts in a certain way affect the formation of spatial representations. They will later form the basis for the development of mathematical abilities, as well as the child’s speech.

How is «at the table» different from «near the table», how is it «to walk around the house» and why is it not enough just to get out of it? Most prepositions are aimed at actions and location in space. In order to use them correctly, the baby must do all these body movements. After all, any formation of new ideas about space comes from the child’s own body.

Jump, jump, clap: you can start preparing for school from the age of two

How to deal with the baby?
At first, it is worth studying together — to show and tell everything. Gradually, it is necessary to accustom to independence. When the child begins to get a certain sequence of actions, ask him to speak them for you.

«The ability to correlate movements with speech develops the child’s brain very well,» explains Elena. «That’s why we sometimes recommend taking children to dances, especially folklore ones: they teach not only to move, but also to sing.»

Try to repeat and talk with the child such a combination:

hands up;

two claps;

they sat down.

Well, when should I read it?
Preparation for school in our usual understanding can begin from the age of 5. But not to memorize individual letters of the alphabet, but gradually teach children the sound analysis of words, the ability to hear sounds, and then read them.

«If you just learn the letters, then it will be difficult for the child to assemble syllables from them,» says our expert.

When the baby begins to learn new skills, do not forget about the minutes of physical activity. Such breaks help to switch the brain from intellectual tasks to motor tasks.

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