Is it possible to feed the baby porridge at night

In the heading «Ask an expert a question», our reader Victoria asks:

«There are a lot of night porridges for young children on sale now. Manufacturers write on the packages that such a bedtime meal helps the child fall asleep. But isn’t it too dense a dinner for the baby’s stomach? I would like to know the opinion of a pediatrician»

If you think that a child wakes up at night after six months because he is hungry, you are mistaken. The reasons for night awakenings at this age are the unavailability of the nervous system for a long continuous night’s sleep or the habit of the child to night feeding.

Some parents give their child porridge or sweet water before going to bed to sleep better. Don’t do that. Only breast milk or adaptive formula is suitable for late and night feeding. Use porridge and other complementary foods exclusively during the daytime. These products are not physiological for night feeding, since the digestive organs must work hard to assimilate them.

In addition, sweet water is the cause of tooth decay. As you know, sugar creates a favorable environment for the reproduction of any microbes.

Is it possible to feed the baby porridge at night

Pay attention
Improper breastfeeding or bottle feeding can lead to tooth decay.

The child’s habit of drinking milk mixture from a bottle before going to bed leads to the fact that a child may have bottle caries. Lactose, which enters the oral cavity, is a breeding ground for bacteria. As a result, the fermentation process starts, organic acid is released, and the enamel begins to break down.

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