Is it possible to do a pedicure during pregnancy

Pregnancy is often accompanied by feelings of heaviness and fatigue. Of course, it’s about the growing tummy and the global hormonal changes that the body undergoes during this period. However, the whole load literally falls on their feet, and from time to time they should be given rest and attention. The main thing is to choose the right and safe procedure.

Classic pedicure
In salons where pedicures are done the old—fashioned way – with soaking the feet in warm water and using sharp cutting tools, there is always a free master. And it’s not that this type of pedicure has lost its relevance, it’s just that modern tools and products have significantly accelerated the process. Express pedicure centers are open in many salons, which is very convenient for busy expectant mothers.

Features: machines that cut off the keratinized layer of skin can cause injury, there is a risk of catching an infection. In addition, along with the coarsened, a part of the healthy skin is cut off, which causes the body to want to fill the gap as soon as possible. Because of this, the cells begin to work more actively, increasing the layers, and the pedicure has to be done more often. However, in the hands of a good master, the legs will look perfect.

European pedicure
Unlike the classic pedicure, the European one does not use sharp tools, but wooden sticks. The cuticle is not cut off, but only gently shifted to the base of the nail, after which a special agent is applied that slows down its growth.

Features: Regularity is required to consolidate the effect. In order for the legs to remain in perfect condition for a long time, it is necessary to do several procedures. There is also a risk of infection with fungal diseases, but it’s all about water and baths, which are not known how and how they are disinfected. The way out: choose a proven salon and a good master.

Is it possible to do a pedicure during pregnancy

Spa pedicure
The procedure is quite long and takes about 1.5–2 hours, but it is a real pleasure for the legs. While the master makes a bath with essential oils, applies a fragrant scrub and does a foot massage, you can relax and take a nap in a massage chair, look through a magazine or watch a movie.

Features: the procedure ends according to one of the above options, you can get a classic edged or European uncut manicure. In this case, there are fewer risks if you choose the second option.

Hardware pedicure
Many of those who are in the situation are wary of doing a hardware pedicure, considering it traumatic. In fact, this is one of the best ways to care for the feet of the feet. Firstly, this type of procedure has moved to salons from medical offices, where many foot problems are solved with the help of special devices. Secondly, nozzles of different types and sizes allow you to carefully remove the keratinized layer without touching healthy skin.

Features: there is a minimal risk of skin damage, which depends on the skill of the master and the ability to handle the device. Not suitable for those with thin, dry skin or hypersensitivity. Often masters combine two techniques — hardware and classic pedicure, you can choose.

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