Indelible hair products

The main difference between washable and indelible hair care products is the composition. Many flushable care products contain a large amount of oils, ceramides and other lipid structures designed to actively nourish and restore the hair fiber.» Unlike them, indelible products are protective products. Creating an invisible barrier of a thin film, they remain on the hair until the next wash, maintaining the necessary level of hydration, facilitating combing, preventing color washout and visually transforming — «discipline», give smoothness and shine. Silicones and alcohols predominate in their formula, and nutritional ingredients play a secondary role. The different concentration of active ingredients and the depth of their penetration allows flushable and indelible products to perfectly complement each other, but they are not interchangeable!

The torments of choice
When going in search of your remedy, follow the rule «the thinner the hair, the lighter the texture should be.» The principle of operation of indelible products is approximately the same, although the forms and names can be very different.

Spray or mousse is an aqueous solution of nutritional components. Such products are ideal for fine hair, fluffy strands and porous colored rods.

Creams have a dense consistency. They contain both nutritious (proteins, amino acids, keratin) and moisturizing/softening ingredients. They are well suited for thick and unruly hair, as well as for chemically damaged and porous curls.

The oil is a highly concentrated product with an intense moisturizing and smoothing effect. Dry, porous, fluffy and curly hair needs its regular use.

The perfect couple
After using an indelible product, the hair should be easily combed, smooth and shiny, and maintain styling. But any, even the lightest care can overload the hair if it is applied incorrectly (for example, spray the texture on the roots for which it is not intended). If the hair becomes «heavy» and gets dirty quickly, most likely, the product does not correspond to the type and/ or degree of damage to the hair. When strands hang in icicles from one «puff», you may have used more care than was necessary. «Usually the manufacturer indicates exactly how much product is better to use. This amount is in any case small: a few «puffs» of spray or drops of oil, – explains the specilaist. – But if you use the product for the first time, dose it carefully.»

It is worth thinking about the correctness of the selection or application even if the scalp begins to itch after application: perhaps you sprayed the care too close to the roots. Finally, it is better to give up an indelible remedy if it makes the hair stiff, fluffy or tangled.

All indelible products are applied to the length of the hair, with an emphasis on the tips. Try not to touch the scalp! Some products (usually with a light texture), if necessary, can be applied repeatedly during the day – if, for example, the strands «rebelled» from rain or wind. But it is better to limit yourself to a single application. Yes, manufacturers claim that their products do not weigh down curls. However, a layer of silicones and «moisturizers» makes the surface of the hair more sticky (this, by the way, can be completely invisible when touched!), and they willingly collect city dust, which means they will have to be washed more often.

Using the full range of products of one cosmetic line, as a rule, allows you to calculate the maximum result. But there are exceptions. «The coloring that has been fashionable in the last few seasons, combining the effect of overgrown roots and burnt ends, requires a special approach,» warns she. – The use of a line of products using the «all inclusive» method, and even along the entire length, threatens rapid contamination of the hair in the root zone, since the minimally damaged roots, unlike the tips, will be oversaturated with nutritional components.»

Indelible hair products

First in line
Today, each of us should have at least one indelible product in the beauty arsenal, but it is especially necessary for those who:

wears long hair (it is especially difficult to comb it after washing);
regularly subjects it to styling and/or coloring tests;
going on vacation to hot countries (the hair suffers greatly from ultraviolet radiation, loss of moisture and sea salt);
she is the happy owner of curls (they are physiologically prone to dryness).

The final touch
More and more styling products today are also joining the ranks of indelible products ready to support the health and beauty of hair.

Dry shampoo is not a care, but SOS is a tool that will help you out in a situation when there is no time to wash your hair. It is also good as styling to create a basal volume. The principle of operation of dry shampoos is the same — the products work due to absorbent components. But they may differ. Choose plant—based products (for example, with derivatives of vegetable starch) – and you can count on maximum results without white plaque. Modern dry shampoo is absolutely safe for both hair and scalp. Theoretically, it is possible to use it even for several days in a row. But in practice, the expected effect may not be and the head will still have to be washed. Apply shampoo, dividing the hair by parting about 1 cm wide, give the desired shape with your hands and fix it with varnish if desired.

Thermal protection products are a must—have for those who cannot imagine life without a hair dryer and stylist. They, firstly, moisturize the hair and prevent its dehydration, and secondly, securely seal the cuticles, reducing damage to the rods of curls during temperature treatment. Creams and oils can have such an effect, but sprays provide maximum thermal protection for the hair. Some products are applied to wet hair (before blow-drying), others need to be used on dry (before ironing or curling).

Antistatic agents are an indelible product that comes to our attention in the cold season. In fact, hair that crackles and sparkles after removing the cap or when combing, requires not special means, but good moisturizing care. Static electricity is a sign that the hair is severely dehydrated. Antistatic agents will help to cope with the consequence, but masks (for example, with an amino acid complex, seaweed, awapuhi extract) and moisturizing sprays will eliminate the cause.

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