How to use air conditioning so as not to get sick

According to pediatricians, the temperature in the nursery should be 18-20 degrees. But in hot summer, there is no way to comply with such a requirement without an air conditioner. On the other hand, moms worry that with the air conditioner running, the child will definitely catch a cold. And then what to do?

It is strongly recommended setting the comfort temperature for your family — that’s why the air conditioner is bought.  Another question is that it is very undesirable when you get from 35 degrees of street heat to 25 at once. But it seems to us that the body cannot adapt to such heat, and we want to get colder immediately. But the reverse process happens with ease — we don’t even notice when in winter we get from 25 degrees of heat to 25 degrees of frost. The body experiences the difference of 50 degrees with ease, adapting to the cold in a few minutes.»

The doctor explained in which cases it is necessary to turn on the air conditioner with caution.

«If you live in stable conditions all your life, when there are no temperature fluctuations, then the body, or rather the vessels, does not know how to respond to such sudden changes in environmental parameters. But if you have tempering procedures in your daily routine, a contrast shower, there is no excess of clothes, as a result of which the vascular tone works normally, then there is nothing wrong with sudden temperature changes for you.

If your child has been living without air conditioning all the time, and now you have installed this device and started actively using it, then it is better to reduce the temperature gradually: at 35 outside the window, set 28, after a week — 25, after two — 22 degrees.»

The doctor stressed: using air conditioning, do not forget to ventilate the premises, as well as turn on the humidifier to maintain normal humidity in the apartment.

By the way, if you think that a fan is much safer than an air conditioner, then you are mistaken. It turned out that this device can also affect our health.

How to use air conditioning so as not to get sick

6 reasons why you can’t sleep with the fan turned on Allergy

Fans just drive air around the room, and with it, dust and pollen. Therefore, a working device can cause an exacerbation of allergies or asthma. If you cannot live without a fan, do wet cleaning more often and wipe the blades of the device itself, on which dust also settles.

Skin and eye problems. A constant flow of cold air can lead to dryness of the skin and mucous membrane of the eye. Those who wear contact lenses should be especially careful.

Nasal congestion. The nasal mucosa also suffers from a ventilator. A constant flow of air dries the nasal passages. Because of this, the body begins to produce even more mucus, and we, as a result, suffer from nasal congestion and headaches.

Sore throat. The problem follows from the previous one. With a stuffy nose, we have to sleep with our mouth open. And again the mucous membrane suffers — the air flow dries the throat, which is why it starts to hurt.

Muscle pain. Often the pain in the body, especially in the neck, begins because we were just blown away. And the reason for this may be both drafts and the fan turned on.

Problems with the ears. They can start if the fan is too loud. Imagine what our body feels like when something hums loudly and monotonously all night long.

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