How to take care of your skin before going to bed

The belief that day creams moisturize the skin, and night creams nourish it, has long been outdated. Modern cosmetologists explain the difference differently. The division of beauty products into day and night is primarily due to the natural biorhythms of our skin. During the day, the body is set up for protection, and at night – for recovery. The skin lives by the same laws. With the onset of darkness, regeneration processes begin to take place in the cells, and our task is to support them by all means. It is not necessary to copy Korean women practicing 17 steps of skin care twice a day: a shortened European version in 3-4 stages gives excellent results.

Down with everything superfluous!
Task number one is to clean the skin properly. This condition is mandatory, even if you did not make a make-up in the morning and stayed at home until the evening. At night, the absorbing (absorbing) ability of cells increases. If you leave on your face a «mud mask» formed during the day from sweat, sebum and ubiquitous dust, these impurities will be channeled into the deep layers of the skin. The ritual of evening cleansing will help to prevent such an outrage. To wash with or without water is a matter of personal preference. The main thing is that the product suits you according to the type of skin and does not leave behind unpleasant sensations. However, when choosing a cleansing formula, it is important to consider a couple of points.

Micellar water is the most popular and most versatile remedy at the moment. Copes equally well with both persistent and classic make-up. Few people know that it was originally invented for people with atopic skin. They needed an indelible cleanser to minimize contact with water, and the micellar solution coped with this task. So after removing dirt or make-up, you can not wash, but if you are more accustomed and comfortable to connect water, do as your heart dictates. Micellar cleansers are very similar in structure to the hydrolipidic composition of the skin, so they are suitable for everyone.

Hydrophilic oil is created to remove decorative cosmetics based on oils, silicone and wax. The last component is part of the means for professional makeup, for example. Naturally, it also deals with water-resistant formulas quickly. Apply hydrophilic oil with dry fingers with light massaging movements, and only after that you should add a little water so that the dense texture instantly turns into a gentle milk that is easily washed off with water.

Two-phase makeup removers are very similar to hydrophilic oils in their structure and principle of operation. They also work with water-resistant formulas: the fat component in their composition melts silicone, wax and cosmetic oils.

If milk is a completely universal remedy, then cosmetic cream is fatter in composition, so they are more suitable for dry skin, besides cream gives a pleasant feeling of hydration. An important caveat: if you use one of these remedies, the next step is to use a tonic. After the milk and cream, a film remains on the skin, which will prevent the active components of the serum or night cream from being absorbed into the dermis.

Tonic is a mandatory item of the evening skin cleansing program. Firstly, it helps to remove the remaining funds for the make up, if you have used it. Secondly, it restores the pH level after washing. And thirdly, the tonic works as a conductor, creating a moist environment on the surface of the skin, which is necessary for the penetration of active ingredients from the night cream into the deep layers of the dermis.

Face sponges
To cleanse oily skin, it is convenient to use special face sponges. They can be natural and silicone. Both options have an additional exfoliating effect and can easily remove waterproof cosmetics. but if you have even the slightest signs of rosacea, these accessories are contraindicated for you.

Update processes
Peels and scrubs are a purely evening story. Given that the cell repair processes take place only at night, it is important to get rid of the layer of keratinized cells just before going to bed. Then cell regeneration will proceed faster, and their respiratory and excretory functions will improve. If you do peeling in the morning, the skin may become inflamed. In addition, after such a procedure, its photosensitivity increases – in summer it is simply dangerous.
Keratolytic additives – ingredients that dissolve keratinized cells – are part of almost every night cream. However, 2-3 times a week we need them in increased doses, and then they should be sought as part of highly specialized exfoliating agents. Peels are different: washable and indelible, with a special mark «night» and even in the form of lotions for daily use. How to use them, the manufacturer will tell you.

Invisible Front
The main task of night remedies is to speed up the recovery processes. Special energy molecules that serve as a kind of fuel for skin cells cope with this mission. They are in the composition of any «correct» night formula, but it is better to select the presence of other components individually.

Night cream. Which one is right for you, the skin type will tell you. Dry requires fat-containing components: omega-3, -6 and -9 acids and coenzymes. Normal first of all requires antioxidants and soothing molecules, for example vitamins A, E, B3, alpha-lipoic acid, panthenol. Oily skin needs active exfoliation. At the same time, each night cream should contain hydrofixers – ingredients that retain moisture inside: hyaluronic acid, glycerin, chitosan. In anti-aging formulas, be sure to look for the components of biological lifting: peptides, sugars, smoothing molecules and retinol. Also, many manufacturers add decongestant components to night creams and masks, primarily caffeine and dextran sulfate. That’s because not all of us follow the recommended regulations. Apply night remedies after the serum at least 1.5–2 hours before bedtime, otherwise there will be swelling in the morning. If you take a horizontal position ahead of time, the hydrofixers will quickly attract water to your face.

Night masks. This beauty product, which is gaining popularity, is intended primarily for those who are too busy during the day. And yet, it is not recommended to go to bed immediately with a mask on your face. The uneaten remains will simply stick to the pillow, and also form a film that can provoke the appearance of acne.
It is also important to apply night masks 2 hours before bedtime, as well as night cream, because they are more concentrated in composition and the dose of hydrofixes in them is usually higher. Ideally, you should use them immediately after you have come home, washed your hands and cleaned your face. While you are doing household chores, cooking dinner, communicating with loved ones, the product will be completely absorbed and at night in the deep layers of the skin will have its transformative effect. It is better to use night masks no more than 2-3 times a week, even if they are intended for nightly use.

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