How to relieve stress in one minute: 5 life hacks for moms

How to get back to normal and calm down if there is no time for complex techniques and long conversations with a therapist? Psychologists have told about simple ways that will reduce stress levels in a minute.

1. Think about the person you love
«This can be done at any time — while you are riding a bus or taking an elevator, or washing dishes. Just vividly imagine someone who pleases you and whom you love. It can be your life partner, child or even a pet. Remember how they look, how they smell. Remember the emotions you feel in their presence. Just think about how much you love them,» experts say.

Researchers have found that simply focusing on someone you love can be enough to help you enter a calm, happy state.

2. Schedule a time for worry
If you feel that anxiety is getting the better of you, a simple «life hack» is to set aside time for worries.

«Many people worry day and night, and everything in their environment is associated with anxiety,» says Robert Leahy, director of the American Institute of Cognitive Therapy. — What if you could put these worries on the shelf and return to them at a certain scheduled time? Put an hour on your calendar when you can sit down and really immerse yourself in your problems – and by the time you do, some of them will have already disappeared. In addition, you will immediately feel better knowing that you have taken steps to cope with stress, and not ignore it.»

How to relieve stress in one minute: 5 life hacks for moms

3. Dance
Maybe it won’t take a minute, but three or five. But if you feel that you need to calm down, turn on your favorite song and dance from the heart. Research shows that both music and dance can help reduce stress levels and increase happiness.

If dancing isn’t your thing, or you’re in the wrong place to do it, just move on. Take a quick walk, stretch, jump. Any movements will help the body release the happiness hormone dopamine, and this will take you out of stress.

4. Hug someone
«It works when you are near a friend or loved one. Hug him and take three deep breaths and the same deep exhalations,» psychologists say.

It is a powerful stress reliever. Firstly, many studies show that deep breathing promotes a sense of calm. Secondly, touching also eases the feeling of anxiety.

How to relieve stress in one minute: 5 life hacks for moms

5. Change the screen saver on your phone
Another way to distract yourself from what is bothering you is to look at a photo or picture that makes you really happy.

«Think about how often we reach for our phones every day. I think it’s more than 200 times,» says life coach Susie Moore, «so put on the screen something that makes you feel happy, whether it’s a photo of your pet, a friend, some landscape that really touched you, or even your favorite food. Just change the screensaver more often, because your brain gets used to what it sees.»

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