How to lose weight if you are over 30: 7 proven tips

By about the age of 30, our metabolism begins to slow down. And if earlier it was possible to eat anything, skip the gym and practically not gain weight, now it is already becoming problematic.

Nevertheless, it is quite easy to lose weight after 30. You just need to know — and, of course, follow — the basic simple rules.

Focus on feeling good
Even if you want to look like a supermodel, it is better to give yourself an installation not to improve your appearance, but to strengthen and maintain overall health.

One study conducted by psychologists showed that people who were primarily interested in losing weight in order to improve their appearance actually gained weight in a year. But those study participants who wanted to lose weight in order to improve their overall health and reduce the risk of diseases were able to significantly lose weight.

Well, it won’t be a secret to anyone that it’s easier for healthy people to lose weight in principle than for those who have health problems.

Make sleep your priority
But for optimal health and successful weight loss, it is important to get enough sleep. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the Sleep Research Society suggest that healthy sleep in people after 30 should take at least 7-9 hours a day. Sleeping less than 7 hours increases the risk of developing obesity and other health problems.

Drink more water
Maintaining fluid balance in the body is the key to maintaining a moderate weight. Heavy drinking also helps to control the metabolism and increase it by about a third. The amount of water required depends on many factors, such as age, activity level and current weight.

Move on
Muscle mass begins to decrease with age, especially after 30 years. It will be possible to build up and maintain it only with the help of regular movements and exercises.

But that doesn’t mean. that you need to spend days in the gym. Choose any workout that makes you happy. Do yoga or pilates, dance at home, run with your kids on the street. Anything that puts a smile on your face and makes your body move can help you lose weight.

Say no to trendy diets.
There are countless fashionable diets that promise a quick solution to all problems with excess weight. Some of them can help you lose weight, but only for a short time. And many do not work at all.

According to research, a diet will not help in long-term weight maintenance. Limiting what you eat and limiting your calorie intake can also negatively affect both your physical and mental health.

Just try to eat right, choose healthy foods and give up unnecessary and harmful ones, observe moderation. As a last resort, consult with your doctor or nutritionist on the topic of diet.

Keep stress under control
Stress can negatively affect your body, providing a lot of problems: from headaches to digestive disorders. It can also increase cortisol levels or awaken cravings for sweets. Both of these points easily lead to weight gain, which will then be difficult to get rid of.

A balanced diet, more sleep and regular physical activity — all this will help keep stress under control. You can try workouts aimed at relaxing the body and mind, such as yoga or meditation.

Keep an eye on the nutrients in the diet
Start with enough protein. This will help you feel full longer, and, moreover, build up muscles. Add fiber-rich foods (such as vegetables, fruits, beans and nuts) and nutritious fats (such as eggs, yogurt and avocado) to your diet.

Avoid processed snacks if possible. Fast food, snacks, «packaged» snacks and soda are banned. These foods can not only negatively affect weight, but also increase the risk of developing heart disease or certain types of cancer.

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