How to look younger without a beautician: 10 simple tips for busy women

10 simple beauty tips for busy women

Get up early
Oddly enough, waking up early is the best way to benefit yourself. For those who are used to proudly calling themselves «owl», this may seem like a real torment, but after all, an early rise is a matter of habit. If you set the alarm an hour earlier than usual, you will get a lot of advantages — you will be able to start the day more smoothly, without stress. And there is enough time for 5 morning habits that will help not only to get prettier, but also to lose weight.

devote time to stretching, yoga, meditation or any other gentle practice that can gradually awaken the body, activate blood circulation and give it the right energy throughout the day;

wake up the body with a pleasant shower, give the skin freshness and tone;

take a few minutes to take care of your face, perhaps by doing a small massage, which will help reduce night swelling, giving your face freshness and radiance.

5 minutes in the morning — and 5 minutes in the evening
Our face needs delicacy and the necessary care so that the skin always remains radiant and elastic. That’s why one of the most important beauty tips is to allocate at least a few minutes twice a day for proper cleansing and moisturizing of the skin. Tonics, oils, lotions, serums, moisturizing and nourishing creams — all of them should be in your arsenal, because it is thanks to daily care that you preserve the beauty of the skin. Start today — without excuses!

Apply a moisturizer
Especially with the arrival of summer, when you spend a lot of time in the air-conditioned office, or outdoors, playing with children. All this can dehydrate the skin and cause redness, peeling, irritation. That’s why it’s always useful to take a little cream with you, light and gentle, to reapply it on your face during the day. Even better, if it is a sunscreen that helps protect the skin from the sun.

Use light makeup
It is better to choose light or nude shades, and the products themselves should be gentle and light — otherwise the makeup will flow quickly in summer. Long—lasting lipstick can dry your lips – choose a light gloss or even cosmetic oil. Transparent powder, light shadows — all this will allow you to look fresh all day, and at the same time not to look endlessly in the mirror.

Of course, never forget to take off your makeup at night. After all, smog, soot, dust also settles on the skin during the day — if you don’t get rid of all this, your face will become gray and tired.

Moisturize your lips
It doesn’t matter if you use lipstick or lip gloss, the main thing is never to forget about lip care. Apply special balms on them — choose nourishing and moisturizing formulations. In addition, the balm is able to give your lips softness and radiance at any time of the day — you won’t even need a mirror!

And also — do not forget about the lip scrub. Nothing spoils the look like cracks or peeling skin on the lips.

Don’t touch your face
Scientists have calculated that a person touches his face on average 40 times an hour. And this is not an innocent habit at all. In this way, we bring bacteria collected from the phone, keyboard, door handles, even handrails in transport to the skin. Just imagine what might be on them! As a result — clogged pores, pimples, irritation, acne. In the worst case, even infectious diseases.

Drink more water
We often forget that our body consists mainly of water, and therefore its health and beauty inevitably depend on how much we drink during the day. In particular, in order to ensure elasticity, a bright complexion and always a youthful appearance of the skin, it is important to properly moisturize it from the inside, drinking at least one and a half liters of water a day. Do not be afraid of edema — on the contrary, excess fluid is removed from the body with water. And if there is not enough moisture, the body begins to store it — and hello, edema.

Take care of your hair
It’s not for nothing that they say a braid is a maiden’s beauty. Curly, straight, wavy, short, long or dyed — any hair needs care. And it is quite simple: sometimes do a head massage, comb your hair thoroughly twice a day (just not wet hair!), try not to wash your hair every day, protect your hair from ultraviolet radiation and heat exposure — it is more destructive than it seems.

Consult with a hairdresser  — let a specialist advise suitable remedies, recommend vitamins if they are suddenly not enough.

Sleep well
One of the beauty tips that should never be overlooked is to devote enough time to sleep. If your body and mind do not rest properly and do not receive energy, it will affect not only your appearance, but also the quality of life in general.

Due to lack of sleep, we are very often drawn to junk food: fatty, sweet. And this is reflected both on the scales and on the quality of the skin: pimples, acne appear, in addition, the hair gets dirty faster.

Dress comfortably
Whether you go to the office, work from home, or even run for groceries, it’s important to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. This does not mean that you have to wear pajamas all day, but it does not mean that you have to wear fashionable but uncomfortable things, high-heeled shoes. It is always better to choose clothes that match the situation, but do not distort your personality and style: the cut should be comfortable, and the fabric should be pleasant to the body.

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