How to increase lip volume

Winter is the best time for kissing, and in order to attract them as often as possible, you need to learn a couple of tricks. Their goal is always the same – to give the lips an extra volume and an inviting look, but you can achieve it in different ways. The bravest dare injections or plastic surgery, but there are also less radical methods. However, there is no way to do without a «magic wand»!

Thin matter
To make the lips look attractive, soft, tender, seductive, daily efforts are necessary. First of all, because the skin in this area is very thin. There are no sweat or sebaceous glands, which protect other areas of the skin from aggressive external influences with their secrets. And it turns out: in winter, the lips are dried by frosts and hot batteries, in the warm season, the wind and the sun do the same. Food also irritates delicate skin, especially burning spices or the pungent juice of tomatoes and citrus fruits; even toothpaste causes discomfort. So the lips definitely require special care. But literate. Putting face cream on them, for example, is a big mistake. The perfumes in its composition are quite aggressive and can cause a tingling sensation. You should not rely on lipsticks and glosses alone, which increasingly contain caring components, either. At least because we rest at home from decorative cosmetics, and lip protection is required around the clock.

Basic care
To «properly» moisturize thin skin, it is better to choose hygienic lipsticks and protective balms. What exactly to use depends on several factors. If the skin is cracked or very rough, it is better to resort to the most oily formulas and hard sticks – unlike liquid ones, they create a more «durable» film. Balms hidden in a tiny jar, it is wiser to keep on a shelf in the bathroom to dip an exceptionally clean finger in them, otherwise germs will breed under the lid. The composition of caring products must necessarily include natural oils. They both moisturize and nourish the skin of the lips. The absolute favorites are karite oil and jojoba, immediately followed by beeswax, glycerin, calendula extract, vitamins E and C and thermal water. Mineral or synthetic oils are also needed: they «hold» the product on the lips. It makes sense to use hygienic lipsticks and balms at home after eating, removing makeup and before going to bed. For lovers of translucent tones, there are options with a minimum of coloring pigments in the composition: in addition to care, they provide a light tint effect

What men talk about
There is no companion for the taste and color, but it is still curious to know what men think about our strongest weapon – bright red lipstick. Alas, it does not act like a red bullfighter’s cloak on all representatives of the stronger sex. Many men find bright lipstick vulgar, and some are completely repelled by it. However, almost everyone notes in chorus that they associate this color primarily with sex and seduction. And, what is especially curious, men advise us to carefully choose an outfit for red lipstick!

The skin on any part of the body is covered from time to time with a layer of keratinized cells. Lips are no exception: they also need peeling, at least once a week. It is very easy to prepare the mixture at home: add a little granulated sugar to a teaspoon of honey – and the homemade scrub is ready. If you use only honey, it will literally heal the cracks before your eyes and make your lips perfectly smooth. To save time, you can use ready-made scrubs, which usually contain the same sugar. All this is part of the mandatory program.

Three-dimensional image
All other manipulations with the lips are aimed at achieving an ultra-soothing effect. Even if you are a supporter of natural appearance and transparent makeup, from time to time each of us wants to try on the role of a fatal beauty. Why deny yourself this natural desire, especially in the spring? After all, on top of everything else, plump lips are one of the main signs of female fertility, along with full breasts and lush hips – it is these features that men unconsciously snatch from our appearance at the first meeting. So the efforts made will be appreciated not only by you.

You can add additional volume by various means. For example, using a regular toothbrush. Try gently massaging your lips with light movements every morning before writing off this maneuver. The same delayed result is given by exercises to strengthen the facial muscles in the mouth area. You can take turns pronouncing all the vowels of our alphabet, only slowly and exaggeratedly while gesticulating. Another option is to pronounce alternately the letter «o» and «I» for 10 minutes.

In an instant
For those who are not ready to wait for a long time, special cosmetics have been created to increase the volume with an instant effect. They are divided into two categories. Some contain hyaluronic acid or collagen, the latter abound in reflective particles that can perfectly deceive the eye. They act instantly, however, the result is short-lived. But nothing prevents you from updating the coverage as often as circumstances require. Products from this category are applied under lipstick or lip gloss, although there are also volume-increasing ingredients in the composition of the coloring substances themselves.

How to increase lip volume
Paints in hand
Makeup can also be made «voluminous». High-flying makeup artists who work with stars invite us to experiment more often. For example, you can arm yourself with a lip pencil and circle the upper and lower lip, but not along the natural contour, but slightly stepping over its edges. This old technique is well known to everyone, and it works well, but try to walk along the same pattern with a white or flesh–colored pencil and you will see the difference. By the way, such a colorless outline perfectly holds in place a flowing lip gloss. Another trick: after drawing an artificial contour, professionals shade the entire surface of the lips with a light pencil, then lightly powder them, and apply lipstick on top. Now you know this secret too. Another illusion will help to create a liquid colorless gloss, if you apply it over the lipstick strictly to the very middle of the lips. If you prefer lipsticks with a matte finish that have not gone out of fashion for several seasons, rub this area with a sugar cube before going out. Due to a light massage, an attractive plump bump will appear in this most prominent place.

If you don’t like noticeable makeup, you can revive your natural shade. To do this, you just need to stimulate blood circulation in the lip area. Cinnamon and peppermint cope well with the task. It is enough to add a few drops of the corresponding essential oils to a jar with a caring lip balm, and they instantly turn red with renewed vigor. In its pure form, it is better not to use these concentrates, otherwise a burning sensation will appear. Some transparent lipsticks and balms, which often contain ginger and hot pepper, have the same «warming up» effect.

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