How to get your figure back after several births: tells and shows the fitness champion

Eliminate the stress factor
The stress factor plays a crucial role in recovery after childbirth. If a woman has several children, she has almost no time left for cooking the right food, building a competent diet and training in the gym.

At this stage, you need to try to reduce the level of excitement, which takes a lot of energy, and allow the body to adjust internal processes. Many women are worried about the new role of mom, which they strive to cope with «perfectly». And if they don’t have time for something, start worrying a lot.

To get rid of exhausting worries, ask your husband, grandparents, relatives to help you with the baby. Set priorities and take on priority tasks, and leave the rest for another time. It is multitasking and sleepless nights that put you into a state of stress

Give the body a full rest
Despite the busy schedule and a lot of household chores, you should find time to rest. During the day, sleep with your baby for 30-40 minutes to regain strength. Give the child to your husband or grandmother for 15 minutes, and meditate in silence.

The home routine is addictive, and over time it begins to seem that every day is similar to the previous one. It’s not far from depression from here. A well-planned active rest will help to avoid it. For example, you can get out into nature with the whole family, go to a children’s cafe or just take a walk in the park. Look for any opportunity to change the situation to recharge with energy and positivity.

Organize proper nutrition
If there is a husband and several children in the house, cooking separate dishes is a luxury. So many moms think. And completely in vain.

The whole family can be easily transferred to a healthy diet. The menu is based on full—fledged natural products, for example, whole rice, good sources of protein, fiber (vegetables, grains, legumes). You can offer your husband fatty meat, oils, sauces for satiety. If you follow this rule, cooking will not take much time.

How to get your figure back after several births: tells and shows the fitness champion

Don’t forget about training
It is much more difficult for a woman with 2-3 children to find time to visit the gym. But a mother with many children is more experienced: she does not have such a factor as adapting to her new role. She has the skills of self-organization, so she can study at home.

Fitness is easy to combine with a walk with a child or useful activities for the baby. You can put a crumb in a sling and take it with you to training, combining the development of the child and the occupation of your own body.

Yoga gives excellent results. It has a positive effect on the recovery of the nervous system, reduces stress and relaxes the whole body.

Yoga helps to speed up the metabolism and spend more calories than a woman consumes.

If there is no time for full-fledged trips to the fitness club, training can be combined with household chores. For example, to feed a child with a spoon not sitting, but standing, each time bending down to the baby and rising on the shins. Bends help strengthen the abs and back muscles.

Some «advanced» moms use a newborn as a dumbbell to work out the muscles, lifting it in their arms. You can carry a crumb around the room or in a standing position bend forward and backward, to the sides.

While walking with a stroller in the yard, run around it a few circles, holding the handle, perform swings with your feet. Simple exercises are available even standing at the stove.

Do cosmetic procedures for skin turgor
After childbirth, the turgor of the skin weakens. And here, for recovery, the decisive role is played not by training, but by maintaining water balance, cosmetic care.

Procedures can be done by yourself: rub the body with a terry towel, massage with a dry brush, oils. It doesn’t take a lot of time: 10 minutes a day is enough.

Postpartum recovery is quite long: it takes about 9-10 months. Do not expect excessive results in the shortest possible time. It will be fundamentally wrong to immediately run to do aerobics, strength fitness, yoga for 3 hours a day, even if there is such an opportunity.

Another incorrect approach is a strict diet and a strong restriction in calories. If a woman is breastfeeding a baby, she needs minerals and vitamins. When she does not get them from food or dietary supplements, the body uses internal reserves. The result is exhaustion, improper functioning of internal organs, hair loss, brittle bones, nails, problems with teeth.

It is necessary to observe the protein-fat balance in the diet. When breastfeeding, you should not eat for two. It is necessary to eat minimally processed natural products, to build a menu in accordance with motor activity. If a woman introduces a workout routine to the day, this should be taken into account in the average daily calorie content.

It can be difficult to recover after childbirth, especially if they are not the first. And here we need regularity, willpower and motivation. May your happy family become the best inspiration and help you find the time and energy to pay attention to your body.

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