How to change a diaper so as not to wake up a child — life hacks from experts

When you change a diaper for a sleeping baby, you feel like a minesweeper. One awkward movement, and everything is gone — the child is woken up, unhappy and screaming. But leaving the baby in an overflowing diaper is a bad idea, especially if the child went big. The baby may become irritated, and in girls everything threatens to develop into an infection.

However, if you get the hang of it, you can change diapers without interfering with the baby’s sleep. We learned about useful tricks for moms from experts.

Do not wake up the baby specifically for a diaper change. Combine changing a diaper with feeding or waking up at night. Do not turn on a bright light.

Do not change the diaper unnecessarily. At night, longer intervals between changing diapers are perfectly normal than during the day. Put on a dry diaper before going to bed at night. Next time, check the condition of the diaper either before going to bed (in the case of an early start of the night for the child), or during the first night feeding / waking up. Replace the diaper if required. If the diaper is not too full, it is better not to change it until the next time. On the next night feeding/waking, change only if necessary. If it holds up for a while longer, don’t change it. This approach is relevant at night: any interference harms sleep.

Try not to change the diaper after 3 am unless absolutely necessary. Since the deepest sleep is from the beginning of the night until three in the morning, you can easily change the diaper at these hours without waking the baby. Later you can get a full awakening: in the morning the child is in more superficial phases of sleep.

If the baby is constantly leaking, change the diaper proactively in the first half of the night. Experiment with different brands: there are special night diapers with increased absorbency. Do not forget about the zinc cream for diaper rash.

— There is a difference: change the diaper, waking up the baby and rocking him for another hour, or change the diaper so that the baby falls asleep immediately. It’s a matter of skill here.

Prepare warm water in a thermos for the night, a plastic bowl and napkins /cotton pads.

So that mom can navigate in the dark, use the phone as a light source with the flashlight turned on down — such dim lighting will not irritate the child.

When wiping the baby, use napkins soaked in warm water, wipe the perineum dry with dry wipes or a diaper and put on a new diaper.

After changing the diaper, if the child is not frightened by bright light or cold water, he will continue to sleep peacefully.

If a wet diaper makes the baby uncomfortable, try cocoons for sleeping with a double-sided zipper. To change the diaper, it is enough to unzip the bottom.

Do not turn on a bright light — it destroys melatonin. If necessary, use the dimest night light.

Keep dry diapers handy to make as little noise as possible.

Many children do not react to a wet diaper. If the baby is sleeping peacefully, do not wake him up.

Try to switch to the next diaper size in time to avoid leaks.

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