How the neck and arms give away our age

Sensitive area
The neck and decollete area need the same intensive care as the face. The skin in this delicate and, in fact, magical zone of female charm is very thin and demanding at the same time.

This is partly due to the fact that there are no sebaceous glands and very few lipids are produced here. As a result, the natural protective film initially turns out to be shaky, and if you do not help it in any way, then it begins to perform its functions with severe interruptions. There are other aggravating factors.

One of the most harmful is the negative effects of ultraviolet light. For the skin, this is enemy number one. If you use sunscreens only on vacation, and spend most of the summer in the city, the skin becomes dehydrated and desiccated. When the moisture evaporates, the regeneration processes in the cells slow down. Plus, the connective tissue is destroyed, which is responsible for the elasticity of the skin and its taut appearance. This is because collagen and elastin fibers are afraid of ultraviolet light like fire.

It is not surprising, therefore, that the skin in these areas ages faster. The first signs of fading — the accumulation of wide and rather deep horizontal wrinkles, similar to folds, as well as red and pigmented spots — usually appear on the neck earlier than on other parts of the body. Alas, we notice these changes too late, and then we observe a paradox: the face looks 18, but the neck and shoulders flatly refuse to maintain a pleasant illusion and spread the truth no worse than a passport.

In public places and in the office, try not to use an electric hand dryer.

How the neck and arms give away our age

The maximum program
To tone the skin, it will take daily efforts and a clear plan of action. If you get down to business with the mind and the right mood, you will be able to put your neck and decollete area in order in a month.

Every advanced brand has specialized products for the neck and decollete area. In the composition, as always, look for hyaluronic acid. However, it is important to know that its low-molecular version penetrates into the deep layers of the skin, therefore it has a long-lasting moisturizing effect. High-molecular hyaluronic acid acts on the surface of the epidermis, but provides an instant tightening effect and visually smoothes wrinkles. Shock doses of antioxidants and high concentrations of vitamins E, A and C are able to fight the signs of aging comprehensively and seriously.

For daily care, you can safely use facial products. Do not forget that serums, day creams, and night formulas are suitable. Just expand the application area and don’t stop at the chin.

Use scrubs necessarily, just choose the most gentle formulas for the face. In order not to make a mistake, give preference to exfoliating products for sensitive skin.

This is not a myth: the pose in a dream matters. The skin on the neck is going to accordion not only because of the fact that elasticity is lost with age. If you like to sleep on your side, it’s better to get rid of this bad habit. So that the face, neck and decollete area do not crumple in vain, learn to dream on your back.

Choose the right clothes. If the collar rubs, and the bra squeezes the skin, wrinkles will become more.

How the neck and arms give away our age

Your pen!
There is another part of the body that we also often forget or remember from time to time. And this despite the fact that it is she who is most exposed to the negative influence of external factors. It’s about the hands. They are absolutely defenseless before ultraviolet light. Sunscreen rarely gets on the brush, not to mention the palms: the touch screen of a smartphone will never allow such an outrage. If you wash dishes with your bare hands, contact with aggressive chemicals does not add elasticity and velvety either. As, however, is the chronic unwillingness to put up with autumn and put on gloves on time. But the skin on the hands is at least 4 times thinner than on the face, and there are no sebaceous glands, so it’s time to come to your senses and start restoration work.

Among the ingredients, the favorites should be shea butter, glycerin, allantoin, beeswax, hyaluronic acid, urea and panthenol, which heals microcracks. Hand products are intentionally dense in consistency. This is very good when you need to create a reliable protective film. And traditionally: the more vitamins and antioxidants there are, the better.

It is not enough to use hand cream twice a day before leaving home and before going to bed. Additional hydration is required after each contact with water, especially if you use soap. A tube of cream that will stand in the most prominent place on the desktop will help to strive for the ideal.

Use cotton gloves regularly. They enhance the effect of the cream. True, sleeping in them is questionable entertainment, but it’s still worth wearing them for 30 minutes a day.

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