How not to put a bed: in front of a mirror and 5 more common mistakes

One hundred thousand hours! Undoubtedly, this is much more time than in any other place. However, a bed can not only give relaxation, peace and relaxation, but also provoke fears and even mental disorder. And all because the bed was placed incorrectly — we understand the most common mistakes together with an expert.

The placement of the bed directly affects the conscious and unconscious state of a person. This applies not only to us adults, but also to our children, who sometimes have a tighter schedule today than the adults themselves. That is why when designing a bedroom or updating a children’s room, one of the key questions is where it is best to place a bed in the room.

Mistake #1! Wrong size
The biggest mistake is to put too big a bed, not suitable in scale to the size of your room.

Often this miscalculation happens to those who want to make the bed the center of attention precisely due to the size. However, it is still better to buy furniture in accordance with ergonomic recommendations. For adults, it is best to leave an open space to the left and right of the bed, at least 50 cm on each side.

How not to put a bed: in front of a mirror and 5 more common mistakes

Mistake #2! The bed opposite the door
Do not place the bed opposite the door. Buried in pillows and covered with a blanket on top, I want to see the bedroom door. So you will not be scared by a child jumping «bomb» or a husband sneaking up on you.

However, the bed should not be directly opposite the door. This is due to psychological discomfort, and if an open dark corridor or dressing room is still visually visible, you will definitely be visited by a feeling of anxiety and unpleasant associations.

Mistake #3! Take care of your ears
A bed with its headboard against the wall, on the other side of which there are washing machines and dryers, is not the best option. With low noise insulation, extraneous sounds of water draining into sewer pipes can ruin your life.

Mistake #4! Mirrors take energy
The same can be said about mirrors. If you don’t sleep well, the reason may be the mirror in the bedroom. It is believed that mirrors reflect energy in the bedroom, cause or increase anxiety, psychological discomfort.

Do you want to admire your own reflection in the morning? Give preference to the dressing table. Let the mirror be large enough to fix the makeup, but not reflect the whole room.

Mistake #5! Surrounding the bed with «dust collectors»
Using bedside tables that are too high or too low will make the space around the sleeping place uncomfortable. They will make it difficult for you to access tables and night lights. Not to mention that in the dark, any clumsy movement can lead you straight to the tram station.

In addition, the bed should not have interior items that collect dust — carpets, carpets, heavy curtains, cabinets that do not close. Remember, this is a favorable habitat for pathogenic microbes that cause diseases in both adults and children.

The same rule applies to the location of large decor above the bed, beams, sconces, mezzanines and shelves. These decorative items create unnecessary pressure from a psychological point of view, and also have every chance of falling on you or the child in one night.

Mistake #6! Simulation of a runny nose
Do not put beds under air conditioners, so as not to wake up with a stuffy nose. It is better to avoid the direct direction of air entering directly on the body and especially on the head.

Make sure that there are no windows behind the headboard, as well as in the immediate vicinity. This is especially important if you are on the ground floor. The location of the windows directly behind the bed can make it difficult to open them, and a draft will provoke headaches, decreased immunity and cyclical colds.

But the radiators next to the bed, on the contrary, cause overheating of the body. Therefore, it is better for both adults and children not to overcool and not to overheat during sleep. Remember that the optimal air temperature in the bedroom is 18-22 C.

And do not rush to attach the bed to the walls or floor. Get used to it, ask yourself how comfortable you are sleeping. It would not be superfluous to evaluate your sleep on a 10-point, 5-point scale, and if at least one of the factors is confusing, think about how else to arrange the bed with greater convenience. Don’t be too lazy to arrange a rearrangement — you’ll see, it’s worth it.

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