House plants that kill viruses in the house

House plants not only please the eye and decorate the interior. Some of them are able to purify the air, kill bacteria and viruses.

The peculiarity of plants with antiseptic effect is that they contain essential oils rich in phytoncides — substances that destroy pathogenic microflora. Therefore, some types of indoor plants can act as air disinfectants.


House plants that kill viruses in the house

The most effective fighter against viruses. It helps to resist diseases of the upper respiratory tract, disinfecting the air and facilitating breathing.

Citrus trees

House plants that kill viruses in the house

«Miniature citrus trees — lemon, orange and tangerine — clear the space, making it unsuitable for pathogens,» says the doctor.

Coniferous plants

Fir, juniper and other coniferous plants contain many essential oils with antiseptic effect.

«When these essential oils evaporate, they make the atmosphere in the home almost sterile,» says the doctor.


House plants that kill viruses in the house

Myrtle is also very good for disinfection of premises. This plant reduces the activity of viruses, and also fights bacteria, including the causative agent of tuberculosis — Koch’s bacillus.


House plants that kill viruses in the house
For many, lavender is known as a plant with a calming effect. It is often added to creams or bath foam. However, it is also able to purify the air from viruses, as it contains essential oils with antiseptic properties.


Rosemary used in cooking is also able to fight pathogenic microflora indoors. And rosemary essential oils are often used in pharmaceuticals as a natural antiseptic.

Onion and garlic

House plants that kill viruses in the house

«Powerful disinfectants are onions and garlic, which can also be grown on the windowsill,» says the doctor.

So, garlic contains certain chemical compounds that are very effective at destroying countless microorganisms that can cause tuberculosis, pneumonia and other diseases.

And the phytoncides contained in the onion are able to disinfect the room and inhibit the growth of microorganisms. Onions cut into small pieces are especially effective. Only you need to change it at least once every two hours.

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