Horoscope: what is the main fear of each zodiac sign

Astrologers believe that our emotions and personality are directly related to the date of birth. What fears are inherent in different zodiac signs?

You are constantly thinking about one thing: «Am I productive enough?». You worry about what the future holds for you and whether you will succeed. And also — you worry about how to do everything, even if your working day lasts 25 hours in a row.

You worry that someday all good things will end or change. You don’t like change and want everything to stay as it is, forever.

You are constantly checking your bank account and calculating how much you can spend now, and how much you need to save for a comfortable future. And you are torn between the desire to ensure stability in the future and momentary pleasures.

Your area of concern is your family and friends. You are constantly thinking about their health and happiness. They are more important than anything in the world. It makes you constantly worry that nothing will happen to them.

Horoscope: what is the main fear of each zodiac sign

You are afraid of future failures, which, in your opinion, will definitely happen. You were an excellent student, and as an adult, you think that you will disappoint everyone around you. And you worry that you won’t be able to keep the bar.

You are constantly afraid that people around you are unhappy with you, even if you are doing everything right. Moreover, this applies to everyone — both the boss at work, and colleagues, and relatives, and even just unfamiliar people.

The thought that you will never find the man of your dreams scares you the most. You’ve been dreaming all your life about how special your lover will be, that you’re afraid just not to meet such a person and be left alone with three cats.

You think that everyone you love will betray or leave you. Even if there are no prerequisites for this, it is difficult for you to stop thinking about it.

It’s hard for you to love yourself the way you are. You always want to appear in front of others in some special way so that you are appreciated. You are very worried about your image.

You worry that your motto «always be strong» will let you down. And that people will be disappointed when they realize that you are not who you seem to them.

You are always in a dilemma. You think you have chosen the wrong person, even if you have been together for 10 years. You think you’ll end up doing the «wrong» thing or saying the wrong thing.

You constantly worry about what people think about you or what they say behind your back. Having not too firm self-esteem, you are very dependent on others.

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