Hollywood smile or money in the wind: everything you need to know about veneers

What are veneers?
A veneer is a special overlay on the tooth, with which you can achieve the perfect «Hollywood smile». However, at the heart of the design is an organ with its own system of nutrition and innervation, that is, a tooth.

Therefore, preventive examinations, compliance with professional and personal oral hygiene are mandatory conditions for the durability of veneers and dental health. New teeth need to be monitored carefully, especially since they cost a lot of money.

What should I do before installing veneers?
First you need to check the oral cavity and follow all the recommendations of the attending physician. Then the doctor will sharpen the teeth in order to fix the prostheses qualitatively. Without this step, getting «new teeth» is simply impossible.

Veneers are installed exclusively on healthy teeth. Be ready to take care of the new smile carefully. Do not try to save on veneers. Saving leads to unpredictable results.

Veneers may be thin and of insufficient quality. After installation, they may seem too artificial, plastic. Cheap veneers are double damage to the budget and health. If you decide to make a smile cheaper, then the doctor will also save on quality.

What are veneers?
Veneers are composite and ceramic.

Composite ones are made by a doctor directly in the oral cavity from a composite material. The price varies from 10 to 200 thousand rubles per unit. Of course, there are doctors who make high-quality restorations with good materials. But if the prosthesis does not fit tightly to the tooth, microbes penetrate into the resulting gap, which can cause caries. In this case, unpleasant surprises are waiting for you under the veneers.

Ceramic veneers are rather thin linings. They are made by a technician in the laboratory. A good quality ceramic veneer cannot cost less than 25 thousand rubles — this is the lowest price. The upper price limit can go to infinity. If we are talking about high-quality work, then this is 35-55 thousand rubles per veneer.

Hollywood smile or money in the wind: everything you need to know about veneers

Can there be complications?
Complications arise if the doctor, without examining the patient completely, puts veneers without indications. For example, the back surface of the tooth may be destroyed, the bite is not put in order. Thus, veneers are destroyed, chipped.

Veneers can increase the bite in such a way that will lead to pathology of the temporomandibular joint, which will affect the entire body.
We had a patient with a similar problem. I had to remove the crowns and relax the jaw with a special device — put it in place.

Another cause of complications is when the doctor grinds his teeth hard. Incorrect turning leads to incorrect fixation of the veneer on the tooth or to a gap between the veneers, where germs will get. In many clinics, the dental nerve is removed before installation — this is strictly prohibited.

Be sure to go to the professional hygiene on time. Any structures in the oral cavity require regular professional cleaning and inspection.

Unfortunately, if the doctor has placed the veneers incorrectly, you will have to remove the prostheses, treat the teeth and install new pads. And all at your own expense. Therefore, carefully study the installation rules, consult with doctors, ask questions that concern you. Choose a quality clinic and a professional doctor.

Veneers can be put if:

irregular shape of teeth;

there are cracks, defects or chips on the front of the enamel;

there are diastema — enlarged gaps between the teeth;

there are old fillings;

teeth have changed their appearance due to fluorosis.

Of course, veneers are installed exclusively on healthy teeth, but this does not mean that everyone with healthy teeth should put veneers on themselves.

Veneers are often placed because of the yellowness of the enamel.

If your teeth are absolutely healthy, you have the right bite and a good enamel color, you should not even think about veneers. First of all, remember about the health of your natural teeth, so that you do not have to install expensive veneers later.

Hollywood smile or money in the wind: everything you need to know about veneers

Veneers are forever?
The biggest harm that veneers can do is cutting off the enamel. It will be impossible to refuse to wear them. Veneers are with you forever, and it is almost impossible to restore the enamel.

Naturalness is in fashion now. It will no longer be possible to remove veneers, and wearing them implies daily care. Many people try to correct the color of their teeth with the help of veneers, but they do not even suspect what consequences this can lead to.

With increased stress, in order to avoid the development of bruxism (involuntary gnashing of teeth), it is necessary to make disconnecting, muscle relaxant mouthguards. This will help relieve tension in the jaw muscles and return the jaw to the correct position.

By the way, if there is bruxism, mouthguards must be used without veneers. The mouthguards should be made according to your casts.

Is it possible to wear ready-made removable veneers that are sold on the Internet?
removable veneers, false veneers.
Hollywood smile or money in the wind: everything you need to know about veneers

To put veneers on a person, the doctor determines his bite, carefully examines the oral cavity. Veneers are a complex process that needs to be carried out with professionals, otherwise there may be huge problems not only with teeth, but also with health in general.

And what to expect from dental linings that are made for everyone? Such «veneers» can loosen teeth, spoil enamel, and in general, do not bring anything good. I hope the people who use them don’t wear such pads for more than 5 minutes.

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