Healthy habits: 5 tips on how to stop overeating at night

Late in the evening, the long-awaited time «for yourself» begins. How to please yourself after a mother’s day of work? The answer suggests itself — something delicious … predictable. But keep in mind, libra will not please you in the morning.

In fact, eating at night, no matter if it’s a snack or a late dinner, is an addiction that arose as a «response» to a real problem — low self—esteem, a desire to have fun quickly, and so on. A habit is not a sentence, it can be changed because it represents behavior or actions that have given you psychological benefits. And that’s why you began to repeat what once worked positively for you — comforted, lifted your mood. But the calories obtained from the evening meal do not have time to burn, and comfortably settle on the waist and hips in the form of fat deposits. For the time being, it may not be noticeable, but when your favorite skirt suddenly seems too tight, you know — it’s a «hello» from night vigils at the refrigerator. Therefore, in order not to get upset again and not to reproach yourself with weakness, try to curb the habit of eating at night.

Break up the dinner. It is not necessary to observe a strict boundary in the form of the classic «do not eat after 18.00». Just at this time, you can have a snack with something light (yogurt, cottage cheese), and after an hour, start dinner. It is desirable that it be varied — for example, two pieces of different meat, a side dish and vegetables. The child, so that he does not resort to you, can always be occupied (books with «secret windows», albums with stickers, an audio fairy tale, etc. are at your service). Eat slowly. When we are not in a hurry, we are saturated with less food.

After eating, you can indulge yourself. Yes, yes, a little sweet – for example, a candy that can be cut into several parts and drink tea with it. But at the same time, it is advisable not to be distracted by the social media feed in order to enjoy the pleasure of dessert. An hour before bedtime, you can drink a glass of kefir.

Go for a walk. Often evening overeating has to do with the need to calm down. Food is a good antidepressant. But an evening walk as an alternative is also suitable, because it helps to relax.

Organize your life so that at least once a week you have an interesting event. For example, meeting a friend in a cafe, going to the cinema or a dance lesson. A busy life will reduce the need for food as a remedy for boredom and monotony.

Go to bed before midnight. You can outwit your body. At the hour when you usually thoughtfully approach the refrigerator, you will already be lying in bed (not hungry, because you drank kefir). And if you suddenly have an irresistible desire to «take up the old», ask yourself: «Do I really want to eat? Maybe I’m sad? Or lonely? And besides food, are there ways to cope with this feeling? For example, write to a friend in a messenger or scroll through the Instagram feed …»Such a chain of thoughts will allow you to distract yourself and find other ways to satisfy your true desires.

Healthy habits: 5 tips on how to stop overeating at night

Psychological help
Define the goal. Why do you keep yourself in bounds? The reason must be specific and necessary to you. For example, «I want to wear tight dresses and like myself and my husband.» It is clear that this style of clothing is designed for a slim figure.

Remember the 21-day rule. That’s how much it takes to form a new habit. And sometimes longer. The main thing is not to break down, not to stop there.

Record your progress. It is very important to see that you are not trying in vain. For example, the same scales will tell you one day that you have lost 1 kg. It’s so cool! And to consolidate the result, you need to think about a system of pleasant physical activities — Pilates, yoga, walking at a brisk pace or swimming. Good habits change life for the better. You’ll see!

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