Head south or north: how to sleep properly so as not to harm pregnancy

Sleep is a time for recovery, a vital overload for the brain, the lack of which leads to big health problems. A full sleep is especially important for the expectant mother. Moreover, it is much more difficult for a pregnant woman to get enough sleep: there are «night discos» of the baby, and constant urges to the toilet.

The ancient vastu science of home improvement teaches: each side of the world has a certain type of energy, vibrational frequency and is under the protection of a specific planet and element. That is, it favors a certain type of activity. Having learned how to use the cardinal directions correctly in our home, we will create a comfortable and happy space for ourselves.

Both the Earth and the human body are magnetic objects. If they coincide, it gives harmony, and if not, an imbalance is obtained. Imagine a compass needle that either points the direction correctly or starts moving erratically. Approximately the same processes occur with us when we sleep in favorable or unfavorable areas of the house for recreation. Proper sleep (and not only during pregnancy) primarily depends on the direction in which our body is located when we sleep.

Unfavorable areas for pregnant women to sleep
The magnetic field of a person is in the head, and the Earth is in the north. When we sleep with our heads in this direction, these two magnetic fields overlap, attracting and squeezing each other. As a result, the expectant mother does not sleep well at night, her brain (and therefore the child’s brain) does not rest, as it is under the constant influence of powerful pressure. From such a position in a dream, headaches, pressure drops may begin, fatigue and a broken state appear.

On the Internet, you can find advice that pregnant women need to sleep in the northeast zone of the house, since this sector is responsible for communication with God. But this is harmful advice. The Northeast is controlled by Water — a very mobile element that gives the same mobility to the area of the house. If a woman sleeps here, it may not have the best effect on the course of pregnancy.

In the first trimester, a pregnant woman cannot stay for a long time, much less sleep in the southeastern sector of the house. This is a zone of Fire that raises the body temperature of a pregnant woman. And this can be especially dangerous in the first three months, when the main organs of the baby are laid.

There is no need to panic, but it is important to realize that through the balance of elements in your home, you can ensure not only healthy sleep, but also maintain the health of the whole body.

Favorable areas for sleeping during pregnancy
The best direction to sleep during pregnancy. This zone supports the natural polarity of the body, magnetic resonance occurs, and sleep becomes strong and healthy.

The most favorable place to sleep during pregnancy is the southwestern part of the apartment, which is under the protection of the Earth element. This area of the house gives stability, stability, security and a restful sleep.

Also, the Earth element determines the shape and structure of organs, muscles, tendons and bones, which is why it is so important to «keep in touch with it» during pregnancy.

The earth is responsible for fertility. The science of vastu teaches: a seed thrown into the water will float away with the current, thrown into the air, will be carried away by the wind, the seed will burn in the fire. Only in the earth will the seed develop into a new life. Therefore, sleeping in the zone of the Earth element in the southwest gives a healthy development of the fetus.

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