Happiness turned into a tragedy: the story of a mother who gave birth to triplets twice

Crystal and Marko Milutinovich have been dreaming of having children since they got married. But they managed to conceive their first child only five long years later. 4 years ago, a boy was born, who was named Demitirye.

Just as they were thinking about another addition to the family, Crystal was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome. This meant that it was unlikely that she would be able to get pregnant naturally and carry a child. But a miracle happened — and soon it turned out that the girl was pregnant again, without IVF and other medical procedures. Moreover, the ultrasound showed that Crystal is expecting triplets, and everything is going well.

But suddenly, at the 24th week of pregnancy, the expectant mother felt unwell, which turned into severe pain. She went into premature labor. Crystal managed to be taken to the hospital, and the three premature babies who were born, Lana, Katarina and Milan, were immediately transferred to the intensive care unit. Unfortunately, two of the three children did not survive. First little Katarina left. And then Crystal and her husband themselves made an incredibly difficult decision to turn off Milan’s life support system, because the doctors gave a disappointing prognosis, and leaving everything as it is would only mean prolonging the torment of the newborn. It is impossible to even imagine what the parents felt at those moments!

Happiness turned into a tragedy: the story of a mother who gave birth to triplets twice

Lana, who was born with a weight of only 700 grams, remained in the intensive care unit for as many as 109 days, during which, in addition to everything, she contracted E. coli and contracted lung disease. But the baby survived!

A year later, Crystal became pregnant again. This time, twins were supposed to be born, but a miscarriage occurred in the middle of the term.

After that, Crystal and Marco thought they would never want more children. But fate decreed otherwise. In 2018, it turned out that the girl was expecting babies again — and triplets again. There are one in a million such cases. The couple decided to give birth. And this time everything went smoothly: the babies were born on time and absolutely healthy.

«It’s been a little over a year since I wanted to give up a lot after losing my son and daughter, and I thought that there would never be a replenishment in our family,» says Crystal. «But now, looking at our beautiful triplets sleeping next to their older sister and brother, I feel an incredible sense of completeness and fullness.»

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