From what age can you feed children with barbecue

If you have health problems, especially with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, consult a pediatrician and a gastroenterologist before feeding your child a barbecue. Doctors will tell you whether it is possible to give meat from the fire at all, from what age and in what quantity.

If there are no restrictions and health problems, then you can try shish kebab in very minimal quantities after a year, when the child has completely switched to the common table.

However, neither children nor adults can eat kebabs every weekend. After all, this is a dish that is acceptable in rare, exceptional cases.

What kind of meat to cook
Meat cooked on fire is quite a difficult product to digest, especially for a child’s stomach. Buy low-fat meats for shish kebab to reduce this load. Chicken, turkey, rabbit will do.

However, choose meat that the child has already eaten and assimilates it well. If the baby has never tried the product before, it is not worth giving it in the form of a barbecue.

Feed your baby fish with care. Any variety can cause an individual allergic reaction, and regardless of how the product is prepared. Therefore, for shish kebab, we also take only the fish that the child has already tried.

To reduce the load on the baby’s stomach, pre-boil the meat until fully cooked or half-cooked, and then lightly fry on fire. Such a dish is easier and easier to digest.

Alcoholic beverages, including wine and beer, as well as vinegar, should not be used for marinade. It is not recommended to marinate shish kebab in mayonnaise with a lot of salt, spices and seasonings. The best option is a marinade on kefir, yogurt, mineral water.

From what age can you feed children with barbecue

Do not use ignition liquid when cooking. It is dangerous not only for children, but also for adults. These vapors are absorbed by meat, they are breathed by a person near the grill.

The portion size depends on the age. To prevent the baby from overeating, put fresh vegetables and herbs on a plate with meat that the child has already tried and eats with pleasure. Do not give him lemonades, fruit juice and other sweet drinks.

The main advice. Do not turn your vacation into an endless feast. Move more, walk, play active games, and then the picnic will only benefit.

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