For the sake of drama and flattery: what different zodiac signs most often lie about

Some tend to lie in order not to hurt others, others — to justify themselves. Someone often lies about their feelings, someone – about income, and someone — about how good his interlocutor looks.

Astrologers claim that the horoscope is very likely to help determine in which situations we tend to lie. We suggest checking this with the help of our article.

Most likely, Aries will lie when he is overwhelmed. Aries do not like to let someone down, and if they have to do it due to circumstances (even just being late for a meeting), their brain begins to twist. For the same reason, Aries sometimes tells lies about the reasons why he cannot do this or that job.

Taurus, first of all, will lie to himself that he is indifferent to some situation, although in fact, it hurts him. Other Taurus lie in the same cases. For example, this zodiac sign may be burning with jealousy, but it will tell the beloved that he does not care.

They will compliment you even if they don’t really think anything good about you. For Gemini, it’s just a way to gain trust. However, they do not lie intentionally, rather, it happens unconsciously.

Cancers can lie about not depending on anyone. However, in fact, they need help and support. And Cancers often try to appear positive when they are sad or hurt.

It is important for lions to create a good impression. For example, they can easily add skills to their resume that they don’t have. Or, to seem smarter, they will talk about books that they haven’t even read. And also, to attract attention to themselves, they can tell any fictional stories or embellish real ones.

For the sake of drama and flattery: what different zodiac signs most often lie about

They like to maintain their image of a «good person» for everyone. They will never say directly that they are not interested in you. If the Virgos don’t want to talk to you, they will lie that the phone is sitting down, if they don’t want to go somewhere – that the boss has filled up with work. Everything so that you don’t think badly of them.

Libra is the people who will call you «kitty» because they forgot your name. They lie to avoid a quarrel or not to offend a person. They will lie about how great they had a great time with you, how wonderful you look, what an interesting project you offer them, even if they don’t really think so and are not going to communicate with you in the future at all.

Scorpios usually behave honestly. But they may lie to make the situation more important or dramatic. Another case when Scorpio lies is when he wants to feel his superiority.

This is the most straightforward zodiac sign. He does not hesitate to talk about his feelings and intentions. If Sagittarians are lying about something, then only if absolutely necessary.

Even when things get out of control, Capricorns will lie about not needing anyone’s help. In addition, they will pretend that they can take care of themselves, even when their problems overwhelm them.

They most often lie about their emotions and pretend that they are not hurt. Aquarians will pretend to the last that everything is fine with them, even when everything is collapsing inside them.

Pisces will tell you everything you want to hear if they understand that it will make you happy. They avoid offending others or hurting them as much as possible.

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