Fitness Walk: 4 ways to lose weight by walking

Today, every student knows that physical activity is the key to health and longevity. In spring and summer, a lot of townspeople start running. However, with the onset of cold weather, the number of runners on the streets and alleys decreases significantly. And this is not surprising — for running in autumn and winter, you need special equipment, and remarkable willpower. After all, jogging in a summer park is much easier and more pleasant than overcoming yourself when an icy wind whistles in your face and rain and snow lashes. Don’t you want to? And don’t. Now we will tell you how to turn an ordinary walking trip into a fitness workout.

Walking is good because you can do it anytime and anywhere. Perhaps this is the simplest exercise in the world. And even the laziest person in the world can do it every day.

How to lose weight by walking? Here are some effective ways to do this, but do not forget to stick to a healthy diet, otherwise all efforts will be in vain.

Walking with stops
After walking a sufficient distance, stop for a short break. During these breaks, do any of these things that you can: 15 push-ups from the bench (or pull-ups), 40 squats and 40 jumps. If these numbers are scary, start with a smaller number. The main thing is to know that adding more intense exercise to your walking will help you burn more calories and get in shape faster.
Fitness Walk: 4 ways to lose weight by walking

Walking up and down
If squatting and pulling up is boring, and your park is not equipped with a sports ground, try to extract the advantages from natural obstacles. For example, try to climb a hill. Or go down into the ravine, and then get out of it. Yes, at first it will not be easy to drive yourself into a ravine, leaving a well-groomed trail, but isn’t a slender figure worth the effort? There are no ravines, no hills? Not a problem. Stairs can be found everywhere. And, of course, do not use the elevator when returning home from a walk.

Fast walking
Of course, it’s already good that you have found the strength to leave the house in such weather. But let’s be honest — the speed at which you move is extremely important for weight loss. Therefore, in order to burn more calories, try walking at an increased pace. By the way, low air temperature and rain in such a situation will only benefit you. Aim for 45-60 minutes of active walking 5-6 days a week, and you will see the result on the scales and in the mirror much faster. Can’t kick yourself out of the house? Get a dog. It will not only force you to go outside twice a day, but also set a healthy pace for a walk.

Fitness Walk: 4 ways to lose weight by walking

Long walking
If you are aiming to really lose weight by walking, be prepared for long routes at least twice a week. There is nothing complicated here, just lengthen your distance. For example, if you usually walk 5-6 km, add another 4-5 km on the weekend, or just walk along the usual route twice (although this is not so interesting).

Set yourself a goal to take, say, 10 thousand steps daily. To control the number of steps taken, you can purchase a pedometer — modern electronic devices allow you to measure the pulse.

Walking burns calories, helping you lose weight and keep fit. But this type of activity has other advantages. Walking heals and relaxes.
You develop the muscles of the body and add a few years to your life, because walking improves heart health. Regular walking fights stress and improves mood. Whether you go for a walk in the park or take walks in the neighboring streets, you feel better and think more clearly. So, you improve not only the physical, but also the mental state.

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