Favorite children’s dishes made from healthy ingredients

Banana ice cream
What kind of childhood without ice cream? However, my child for the time being did not know what a classic ice cream is. And all thanks to bananas. Frozen bananas are the perfect ingredient for healthy ice cream. No sugar or eggs are needed. Ripe banana adds sweetness and creates a perfect creamy texture. Put the frozen pieces in a blender, add cow’s or nut milk and whisk — it’s done! Two balls of classic ice cream on average contain about 28 grams (7 hours L.) sugar, while natural banana contains about 15 grams, as well as folates (folic acid salts), vitamins A, C and B6, potassium and magnesium. Berries, cocoa, nuts, coconut paste, vanilla — just choose your taste. Thus, children will receive fiber and vitamins, but without a shock dose of sugar and preservatives. And kids’ favorite ice cream on a stick can be made from whipped berries, natural yogurt, avocado or coconut cream. Mix the ingredients, pour into silicone molds and place in the freezer for several hours. Such a dessert is convenient to have on hand in case of the arrival of guests, both small and adults.

5 favorite children’s dishes made from healthy ingredients

Vegetarian pizza and pasta
The win—win options for children are pasta and pizza. You can make them more nutritious by adding vegetables, herbs, nuts, which are sometimes difficult to feed children. My daughter’s favorite pasta with pesto sauce contains basil, pine nuts, parmesan, lemon juice and a small amount of garlic. It is unlikely that she would agree to eat these products separately. I often make pizza vegetarian, but a generous layer of mozzarella makes her take a fresh look at zucchini and bell pepper. A versatile dried tomato pesto can be used for both pizza and pasta (or as an ideal addition to toast).

Favorite children's dishes made from healthy ingredients

To prepare the dough, use whole wheat flour. The fiber content necessary for healthy digestion in white flour is 3.5 grams per glass, and in whole grain flour — 15 grams!

Another great way to feed a child with fruits, vegetables and even herbs is to replace milkshakes with smoothies. Parsley, spinach, cucumbers, seasonal berries and fruits — put them in a blender, add milk or natural yogurt, vanilla or cinnamon, dried fruits or coconut sugar and whisk. For children who do not recognize porridge, this is a great way to get acquainted with oatmeal, which in combination with banana, milk, vanilla or natural cocoa will sparkle with new colors. Frozen berries are suitable for the cold version.

Favorite children's dishes made from healthy ingredients

Fast food
A healthy diet is at risk when it comes to snacks, especially when traveling and walking. Sometimes there is a temptation to offer a tired child not the most useful products: sweets, bread, and sometimes chips. But if the chips are not made from starchy potatoes flavored with preservatives, but, for example, baked carrots, your conscience is clear! The preparation takes 15 minutes, and the composition includes vitamins A and K, biotin and antioxidants. Mix the thinly sliced vegetables with coconut oil, salt or cinnamon, put on parchment and put in the oven (200-220 degrees) for 10 minutes until golden brown. For homemade snacks, I also use baked apples, peaches, pears with cinnamon or sweet potato sticks with spices.

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