Even argue: 5 things you can’t do on an empty stomach

Drinking coffee
Yes, we know that it is extremely difficult to wake up without a morning cup, or even two, of an invigorating drink. And in no case do not dissuade — they are themselves (although here you can read what is useful for refusing coffee). But a tip: before the first sip, put a piece of cheese or a cracker in your mouth. Well, at least something.

«Coffee on an empty stomach increases the acidity of the stomach and stimulates the secretion of hydrochloric acid,» says nutritionist Pooja Mahia. – «So it’s not far to gastritis»,

We remember from childhood who drinks champagne in the morning. But even if we ignore the immortal film classics, the idea of alcohol on an empty stomach is not the most reasonable.

«If there is no food in the stomach, alcohol quickly enters the bloodstream and stimulates vasodilation,» says the nutritionist. — A person throws a fever, his pulse decreases, his blood pressure drops a little. Then alcohol passes through the stomach, kidneys, lungs, liver and enters the brain.»

Writing takes longer than talking — this process takes about a minute with an empty stomach. If you eat something, you will not get drunk so quickly.

Chewing gum
Chewing gum is good after a meal, not before. The fact is that when you chew, your digestive system produces more acid. But there is no food in the stomach. Therefore, the acid acts directly on the gastric mucosa. The risk of getting an ulcer is growing.

Go shopping
And this applies not only to grocery stores. Everything is clear with them — an empty stomach guides the hands and eyes. As a result, you will buy a lot more than you were going to, and you will gain high-calorie food.

Walking on an empty stomach, for example, for clothes, is also not very interesting. Yes, you will have a perfectly flat stomach, but the mood to buy something will quickly disappear, giving way to only one desire – to eat.

A hungry person is an angry person. This statement applies not only to men. It’s just that when you want to eat, your blood sugar level decreases and this provokes increased aggression. Therefore, any, the most innocent dispute can turn into a powerful quarrel. Do you want to have a discussion with someone? Have a snack first.

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