Elementary! 5 things in the diet that keep you from losing weight

Of course, in an effort to lose weight and maintain optimal weight, it is very important to replace every «harmful» product on your table with a lighter and healthier one: use whole grain flour instead of refined white (as well as oatmeal or buckwheat instead of wheat), honey instead of sugar, dietary turkey meat instead of pork neck. At the same time, we must not forget about the invisible, but very important components of nutrition, which, noticing the lack of proper attention to them, slowly but surely interfere with losing weight.

So, here are five trace elements, inattentive attitude to which leads to an imperceptible set of extra pounds.

1. Salt
It is often present in our diet in excess amounts. Recall that the daily norm of salt is 4-6 grams for an adult and 2-3 grams for a child under 7 years old. Sodium, which is contained in salt, is the main component of blood plasma and generally performs many useful functions in the body, but at the same time it retains water in it, adding a few extra pounds to the body, and increases blood pressure.

What to do: salt. Yes, yes, do not rush to choke on fresh food: a complete rejection of salt is just as harmful as its excess. Eating right does not mean eating only what is tasteless and tasteless! Aromatic spices and seasonings (for example, bay leaf, suneli hops, curry, red pepper or oregano), coupled with salt, will make any dietary dish much more appetizing. The trick is to replace ordinary table salt with salt with a reduced sodium content (it is sold in large supermarkets, you just need to take a closer look at the shelves). A teaspoon of healthy salt a day will allow you to lose «water» kilograms and will have a healing effect on the body.

2. Dietary fiber
The vast majority of people experience a deficiency of dietary fiber in the diet, but do not think about it because they do not know what magical effect they have on our well-being and appearance. This component of nutrition absorbs excess dietary fat, reduces the glycemic index of carbohydrates that have entered the body and is a breeding ground for beneficial intestinal bacteria. Dietary fiber, like a broom, cleanses the intestines and prevents constipation — one of the causes of cellulite. «What does cellulite have to do with it?!» — you ask? We answer: it is constipation that leads to a violation of the outflow from the veins of the pelvis, which contributes to fluid retention in the legs and thighs, and hence the formation of an unappetizing orange peel on the skin (and the blurring of the silhouette, of course, too).

How much dietary fiber should be present in the diet to have an effective preventive effect? From 20 to 30 grams. And this is about 300-400 g of fresh vegetables and fruits or 3-4 tablespoons of wheat bran per day. In the summer season, it is better to prefer the first option, leaving the second as a backup for autumn and early spring. Why? Vegetables and fruits are the basis of all healthy eating habits. Green leafy vegetables (like almost all others) are rich not only in dietary fiber, but also in vitamins, minerals, and a lot of other useful substances that are so necessary for our body. Find as many interesting and unusual recipes with vegetables and fruits as ingredients as possible: mashed soups, vegetable stews and ratatouille, salads and carpaccio, smoothies and «green» cocktails – there are a lot of options. Don’t be afraid to try and experiment!

3. Magnesium
This trace element is important for all metabolic processes in the body, but most importantly, it participates in the conversion of glucose into energy. If the mechanism is broken, it prevents you from losing weight — excess glucose quickly accumulates in the body in the form of fat deposits. Another function of magnesium is to protect the nervous system from emotional overload and breakdowns. And most of us, anyway, in stressful situations, rather overeat than starve.

What to do: remember about Oriental cuisine. The fact is that one of the leaders in magnesium content is sesame (100 g of the product contains more than 500 mg of magnesium). It is also found in other products — nuts (cashews, pine nuts, pistachios, peanuts, almonds), cereals (buckwheat, oatmeal, millet) and dark chocolate — but in much smaller quantities. It is believed that black sesame is healthier than white because it is unpolished. However, it is better to use it in a «fresh» form (for example, adding it to salads), whereas light grains are more suitable for heat-treated dishes.

4. Iron
Chronic iron deficiency is the most common problem of «female» nutrition. According to statistics, up to 60% of women of the reproductive period suffer from it! Hair loss, cross—striated nails, dry skin, weakness, anxiety, poor sleep, rapid heartbeat, poor tolerance of physical and mental stress are typical manifestations of anemia. Another unpleasant consequence of it is the craving for salty, spicy and savory food, which ultimately again contributes to weight gain.

What to do: do not go into vegetarianism. Undoubtedly, it is possible to get iron from buckwheat, spinach and pomegranate juice, but not in the form that can be absorbed by the body. Heme iron, which is so necessary for our body, is found only in animal products: offal (liver, kidneys, heart), red meat and red fish, red poultry meat (turkey thigh fillet, chicken drumsticks, duck or goose breast), egg yolks. A small nuance: for better absorption of iron, folic acid and vitamin C are needed, which are easily obtained from vegetables and fruits. Serve the steak on a substrate of green salad and sprigs of parsley, mini skewers of offal with green bean puree, duck breast under orange sauce with a side dish of corn kernels.

5. Iodine
It ensures the normal and efficient operation of the endocrine system dispatcher — the thyroid gland, and this is very important. Why? Yes, because with poor functioning of the thyroid gland, metabolism is disrupted, and therefore the process of getting rid of excess weight.

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