Do not give out age: 5 beauty treatments for the youth of the neck

Why does the neck need help?
The skin on the neck ages faster than on the face. The fact is that it is very thin and almost not protected by a fat layer, so it quickly loses moisture and stretches. The situation is aggravated by the fact that we constantly turn our head, which is why not too elastic neck muscles suffer. In addition, most women have so—called rings of Venus – such a poetic name has transversely arranged folds and bends on the neck, which significantly spoil the appearance. And they can appear in a woman from the age of 27. If you do not follow them, they will sag with age. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of the neck from youth, so that later you do not wear turtlenecks with a tight throat (no wonder the elderly Hollywood star Diane Keaton adores them!). What is in our arsenal of «light artillery»?

1. RF lifting and ultrasonic lifting
If you decide to eliminate sagging skin and other signs of aging, then hardware techniques are the first thing to start with. These include RF lifting and ultrasonic lifting. It should be noted right away that when these techniques are carried out at the end of the course of neck rejuvenation, for example, after injection procedures, biorevitalization, botulinum toxins, they simply neutralize the effect of injections, as they dissolve them. RF-lifting is thermolifting, due to radio frequencies, tissues warm up, which leads to a reduction of collagen and elastin fibers, and consequently, the compaction of the tissues themselves. Ultrasonic lifting works the same way, only there is an ultrasound effect.

2. Biorevitalization, PRP therapy
When we have compacted the tissue, it is worth thinking about injection techniques, such as biorevitalization and PRP therapy. Biorevitalization is the introduction of hyaluronic acid under the skin, capable of binding moisture, ensuring the correct location of the molecular chains of skin proteins — elastin and collagen fibers. PRP therapy, or plasma lifting, is a procedure in which the patient’s own plasma is involved. That is, blood is taken from a person, undergoes a certain treatment, and as a result, plasma remains, which is then injected into the skin of the neck. Plasma is very rich in cells that stimulate the processes of renewal. PRP therapy triggers natural skin rejuvenation.

3. Mesobotox
Mesobotox is a botox injection technique in which muscle reactions are not blocked. Botulinum toxin is used in more dilution than usual. Injections are made according to platysma (this is the subcutaneous muscle of the neck, which goes into hypertonus with age). Due to these injections, the neck relaxes, the vertical strands of the neck (areas of excessive tension) disappear and we get a younger neck.

4. Mezonity (or tread lifting)
If you rejuvenate your neck with a set of measures, then you need to remember that mezoniti should be applied at the end. The reason is that hardware techniques will dissolve mezonitia and there will be no effect from them. Reinforcement with mezonites is a method that results in the formation of a frame that has the properties to strengthen the fabric from the inside. Mezonites include threads made of PDX material (polydioxanone) and polylactic acid. Both of these materials help to achieve a stimulating, rejuvenating effect.

5. Lifting threads
If mezoniti are injected into the dermis, i.e. rather superficially, then lifting threads are injected into subcutaneous fat. Mezoniti serve to stimulate the skin, they act more superficially, lifting threads work with deeper structures, serve to tighten the tissues. Together, these threads work very well. That is, you can put both mezoniti and lifting threads in one procedure, and each thread will work at its own level to the skin.

If there are problems with the skin of the neck, then in general, injection techniques, as well as hardware techniques, can be done from the age of 26-27. A suitable age for thread lifting is considered to be the age of 30-40 years.

Do not give out age: 5 beauty treatments for the youth of the neck

What to choose?
There are two types of aging: fine wrinkled and deformed. In Russia, it is most often necessary to deal with deformational changes, since Slavs are characterized by rather «heavy» faces. That is why ultrasound lifting and RF lifting, which seal the tissue, are more suitable for us, but in difficult cases, lipolytics (drugs whose injections burn subcutaneous fat, turning it into acids) can also be used or liposuction (an operational method for removing excess fat) can already be resorted to. With a fine-wrinkled type of aging, when there is little adipose tissue, a lot of wrinkles and the skin is dry, it should be «filled» and various injections will be most relevant and effective here: biorevitalization, PRP therapy, mesobotox.

As for mezonites, polydioxanone is more suitable for those who have problems with excess adipose tissue on the neck, since PDX has a lymphatic drainage effect. For the fine-wrinkled type of neck aging, polylactic acid mezonites are more suitable: they will stimulate cell renewal to a greater extent and skin rejuvenation will become more noticeable. Lifting threads are used when we need to tighten the oval of the face, chin.

Do not give out age: 5 beauty treatments for the youth of the neck

Better not
All methods, hardware or injection, have common contraindications. They can not be done with a number of chronic diseases and during the period of exacerbation of diseases:

in case of blood diseases;

in oncology;

pregnancy and lactation;

with thyroid problems.

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