Detoxification: how to do it so as not to harm the body

What is «detoxification»?
Literally, the term «detoxification» is translated from ancient Greek as an action to remove the poison or eliminate its effects. For a long time, this kind of «neutralization» was associated with getting rid of the consequences of drug and alcohol addiction. Thanks to the Indian teachings of Ayurveda, detox gradually «developed» into an independent direction for cleansing the body. By the XXI century, its methodology has developed so much that modern medicine distinguishes detox as a complex of health and cleansing procedures aimed at putting all our organs and systems in order. The ultimate goal of such a «general cleaning» is to achieve harmony of mind and body.

Dull skin, dark circles and bags under the eyes, rashes on the skin are sure signs that toxins have run rampant in the body and it’s time to become adherents of detox. This practice will help to cope with headaches, chronic fatigue, irritability and other consequences of prolonged stress, leaving us in return cheerfulness, good mood and getting rid of extra pounds (quite a serious motivation for many girls).

We are preparing for detoxification: we are reviewing nutrition
The philosophy of detox is based on an integrated approach — a combination of certain principles of nutrition, skin cleansing, physical activity and emotional factor.

Remember: in order for the transition to a «cleaning» diet to pass without unpleasant surprises, mandatory preparation is required.

The fact is that the healthy environment of our organs and tissues is alkaline. And many products that we consume (processed cereals, pasta, milk, refined foods, canned food, alcohol, coffee, red meat, carbonated drinks, sweets, etc.), oxidize the blood and create «ideal conditions» for the growth and reproduction of pathogenic bacteria, thereby poisoning our body and disrupting its natural mechanisms vital activity.

A month before the start of cleansing, limit yourself to eating such «heavy» food. Include in the diet more vegetables and fruits, cereals (buckwheat and millet), fresh fish. Give up sugary carbonated drinks, replacing them with herbal teas and plain water. Train yourself to drink at least 2 liters of liquid a day. Try to get enough sleep. It is in a dream that hormones that are indispensable for high-quality metabolism are produced. Do not forget about the positive attitude — your main engine of progress.

Starting detoxification
The ideal day to start is Friday, so that your main activity on the weekend is rest. The main task of detox nutrition is to establish effective digestion in order to free the body from toxins and their consequences (harmful yeast bacteria, carbon dioxide) and revive the alkaline environment. Raw vegetables, ripe fruits and fresh greens do a good job with this mission. During the express detox, designed for 7-10 days, exclusively «plant life» awaits you. At the head of the menu are all kinds of green salad, beetroot, black radish, celery and leek. But potatoes and legumes should be completely excluded (they provoke increased gas formation).

To diversify the taste of food, use spices: chili, garlic, ginger. Season salads with olive or coconut oil (not to be confused with dangerous palm oil). They not only promote natural cleansing, but also very effectively support the immune system. Exclude bananas from fruits (due to the high starch content). Be sure to supplement your diet with freshly squeezed vegetable juices. Unlike fruit, they do not irritate the stomach, and because of the smaller amount of fiber they are absorbed faster. In order not to overload the digestive system, try to make 2 meals liquid (soups, soups-puree). Do not eat 3 hours before bedtime and observe a 12-hour interval between dinner and breakfast the next day.

The basic rule of any detox diet is to start the day with a glass of warm water with lemon. It not only quenches thirst, but also accelerates metabolism. And lemon juice stabilizes the acid-base balance. But put a «veto» on coffee — it provokes harmful oxidative reactions in the body.

Detoxification: how to do it so as not to harm the body

Detox for the skin
To feel all the delights of detox, you need to be cleansed not only from the inside, but also from the outside. After all, up to 35% of all toxins are excreted by the skin. Take detox baths once a week. In warm water, add: a glass of baking soda (neutralizes acids in toxins), a glass of epsom salt — magnesium sulfate (draws out liquid and toxins), five drops of lavender essential oil (antiseptic), five drops of chamomile essential oil (relieves inflammation) and five drops of lemongrass essential oil (rejuvenates the skin). The next reliable (and very pleasant) way to get rid of stagnant toxins is bath procedures (Russian bath, Turkish hammam or Finnish sauna). Through the opened pores, not only surface impurities, but also toxic substances that prevent the skin from functioning normally, go away with sweat.

By the way, you will have to sweat not only during bath procedures, but also during fitness classes. The choice of exercises is yours. The main thing is that the loads are moderate and regular. After all, the body perceives too intense workouts as stress and produces the hormone cortisol, which stimulates the accumulation of fat and slows down the process of weight loss. The purpose of our classes is to cheer up, improve blood circulation and say goodbye to toxins through sweat.

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