Cosmetics based on marine components: how is it better

The depths of the sea still hold many secrets. To date, biologists have studied only 30% of the representatives of oceanic flora and fauna, so all discoveries are still ahead. But the data obtained is quite enough so that cosmetologists can safely say: marine components are very often more effective than vegetable ones. Algae occupy the first place among them, but red caviar, fish skin, crustacean shells, mollusks, mussels and pearls are also capable of a lot.

One blood
In terms of the quantity and quality of micro- and macroelements, the composition of seaweed is similar to the composition of human blood, which makes it possible to look at them as a source of a ready-made and balanced cocktail of substances necessary for our body. It is not for nothing that in ancient times fishermen off the coast of Brittany wrapped each other in seaweed from head to toe in order to recover faster during illness. In cosmetology, especially in thalassotherapy, about 30 varieties of seaweed are used today, most often kelp, fucus and ascophyllum. They contain a whole complex of substances necessary for any skin. The multifaceted properties of brown seaweed are due to a rich set of trace elements that stimulate cell activity, mineral salts restore the balance of the skin, amino acids nourish it and supply it with energy. Priceless is the high content of unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids that restore the structure of collagen, a fibrillar protein of connective tissue that determines the elasticity of the skin.

Marine formula
Marine collagen is so called because it is extracted in a special way from the skin, bones and scales of marine fish. It contains 9 out of 10 amino acids necessary for the body. And marine collagen peptides, well «purified» and processed by special technology, have high bioavailability: our skin perfectly absorbs and assimilates them. All this helps to achieve a good anti-aging effect. Creams with marine collagen smooth and tighten the skin, increasing its elasticity from the inside.

Rich formula
Living on land, we have long been accustomed to herbal cosmetics. But this is not a reason to give her preference over the sea. Those substances that are present in plants are also found in the composition of seafood, but in a higher concentration; this is especially true of the cult omega-3 acid. There are also such unique substances in the ocean that simply cannot be found on the shore. Marine «endemics», for example, include complex carbohydrates useful for the skin – alginates and carrageenans.

Valuable Powder
Seashells are used to make a powder for dermabrasion, a deep mechanical peeling. Crushed corals are used for more gentle exfoliating procedures. Mother–of-pearl powder is a frequent component in the composition of lotions and body powders that give radiance. It is curious that in Arab countries it is still used to protect the skin from sunburn. Glistening on the skin, the particles of mother-of-pearl reflect ultraviolet light.

Precious Placer
Pearls are appreciated not only by jewelers. Recently, many cosmetics manufacturers have also paid attention to the natural properties of this «sea stone». Pearl powder was added to creams that rejuvenate the skin and increase its elasticity. Pearls are used in different types. It is great if the «pearl powder» is indicated in the composition of the product: this means that the stones have not been chemically treated. But hydrolysates (in the list of components they are often referred to as «pearl proteins») may be less useful – the concentration of nutrients in them is less.

Durable shell
Scientists have learned to extract an exceptionally valuable component of chitosan from the shell of the Far Eastern and Alaskan crab, from which special oligosaccharides were then isolated. These bioactive substances are already called the medicine of the XXI century. Chitosan oligosaccharides are able to attach to themselves and remove toxins, radioactive substances, as well as excess fat from the body. In addition, they «trigger» immune reactions, have antitumor activity, and lower cholesterol levels in the blood. In medicine, chitosan is used as a wound healing and anti-burn agent; its antibacterial properties have already been discovered. Of course, such a valuable component is also used in cosmetology. Hair dyes, masks, creams, therapeutic and prophylactic agents for our curls, skin and nails with chitosan are no longer uncommon.

The concentration of nutrients, especially salts, in the waters of the Dead Sea is much higher than in all other marine and even oceanic waters.

Face in the dirt
Biologists still haven’t figured out why the Dead Sea mud can do so much. But it is known that the structure of this substance is really unique. It is believed that our body reacts to it so favorably due to the presence of bromide and sulfate compounds in its composition, which are present in the blood serum and lymphatic fluid of a person. All these necessary components, once in the bloodstream, bring great benefits and heal not only the skin. One can talk about the amazing properties of the Dead Sea mud for a long time. It accelerates metabolic processes, facilitates the flow of oxygen and the delivery of nutrients to tissues, activates blood flow, renews cells and stimulates regeneration processes, increases turgor and skin tone. And this list is still incomplete.

Red and Black
Cosmetic brands are increasingly offering us a new panacea for aging – products with red and black caviar extract. And we must give them their due: this is not a marketing ploy. We are talking about the very caviar that we used to smear on sandwiches. But its nutritional properties are useful not only for health, but also for preserving the youthfulness of the skin, as well as for accelerating hair growth. Cosmetics based on both varieties of caviar have a stimulating effect, so it can be safely prescribed to all women after 35. Its main secret is that it impressively activates the production of collagen, which allows the skin to remain smooth and elastic longer. In addition, the minerals and vitamins contained in red caviar stimulate the regeneration of skin cells, activate metabolism and even block the action of free radicals. Add to this the property of red caviar to soften, moisturize and protect the skin from stress, and then you will understand why it is so useful to use red caviar at least occasionally in order to rejuvenate the skin. However, due to the high cost of ingredients and technologies, only a few famous world brands produce it, so bold statements on the packaging should be treated objectively.

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