Children’s beauty bar: silly fashion or psychotherapy for a child?

The tik-tok generation dictates its own rules — you can become a blogger almost from the cradle. As well as the idol of tens of thousands of children and their parents who will imitate neon trends. And here it is, a new fashion — beauty bars. What is their attractiveness for the child and what internal barriers they help to remove, says the creator of the project «Dressing Room Princess».

A beauty fairy with a house call
Imagine that a child with friends finds himself inside a cartoon, say in the castle of «Maleficent», where each of the girls will be offered to choose an image of one of the fairy-tale fairies.

Bright shadows, sequins, colored eyelashes, a hairstyle that mom herself would have to spend hours poring over with irons and curlers, listening to cries of «Mom, it hurts! Go away» — it’s very difficult to organize all this. And in a beauty bar – it’s simple. The very process of transformation is a game. All cosmetics (children’s, hypoallergenic) in bright boxes: you can touch the shadows with your hands, and try the sequins on the palm of your hand and choose the ones you like.

In the role of a stylist — not a mom who ran through the instructions on YouTube, but a beauty fairy in a pink dress and with wings. In parallel, little princesses are treated to milkshakes and sweets, and then arrange a photo shoot in a plush photo zone.

There are also services for guys: transferable tattoos, creative styling with a temporary change of hair color. By the way, instead of a holiday in the style of Disney princesses, you can also arrange a zombie party, if there was a desire.

A beauty bar can be located anywhere – even in an ordinary apartment, even in a cafe, even in a children’s center, even in a park on a lawn. For your money — any whim. Such happiness costs from ten thousand rubles an hour.

Where did the beauty bar come from
The concept itself came to us from America. The American market has long been a fan of cosmetics: it is made in various collaborations with the Disney company: pink shadows, mascara of all colors of the rainbow and a sea of sequins.

Children's beauty bar: silly fashion or psychotherapy for a child?

What is the benefit?
Surprisingly, this fun has its advantages for children’s development. The child’s imagination is working in the process. It turns out that everything he sees on the screen is quite possible to transfer into reality. You just need to invent a way! And creative thinking is perhaps the most valuable skill in the labor market right now.

Kids learn to overcome shyness — and it’s scary to approach, and I really want to try. As a result, they take the first step, and then they pose for photos with pleasure.

The girls’ «watchfulness» is growing and their creative taste is developing, which is important. Taking care of yourself is important, and it is better to take the first steps into this world under the supervision of a professional. Beauty bars and training for girls offer: masters come with mirrors and a ton of cosmetics and explain to the girls the basics of applying cosmetics. It turns out a real beauty bachelorette party.

And finally, beauty bars are a good color therapy for children who live in bad weather for nine months a year, and they get tired of greyness no less than us.

It is incredibly difficult to attract the attention of modern children to anything, it is even more difficult to make them interested in something for longer than 10-15 minutes. Because of the huge number of all kinds of toys, children have lost the joy of simple things, and parents have to go to more and more tricks to interest them. The concept of a children’s beauty bar seems curious and resembles a good old aqua grimm. Only children can’t be penetrated with ordinary paints now, that’s why fairies, sequins and tattoos appear. In any case, this is a kind of creativity, in addition, self-application of makeup (of course, with specialized cosmetics) teaches the child to act independently and make the first decisions, the result of which he will clearly see.

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