Can a child get sick because of a humidifier

In our section «Ask an expert a question», reader Jessica asks:

«I put a humidifier in the nursery. Two days later, the child started coughing. Then tonsillitis. Can a child get sick because of a humidifier or is some kind of virus to blame?»

— If the use of a humidifier is accompanied by the appearance of a white plaque on the furniture — it is the calcium salts that are in the water that settle, then it is clear that we breathe the same salts. That is, exactly the same plaque settles on the mucous membranes. Of course, this can irritate the respiratory tract and cause coughing.

Therefore, manufacturers and experts strongly recommend pouring either distilled or boiled water into the humidifier. It is not necessary to pour mineral water into the humidifier — this is categorically wrong.

In addition, experts advise changing filters in a timely manner, periodically cleaning humidifiers and not turning on the device if there is stagnant water in it. Otherwise, problems with the respiratory tract may worsen, allergic reactions may worsen, headaches may appear.

Choose models of humidifiers with humidity control function. The fact is that too humid air can harm the body no less than dry. The normal humidity in the apartment for a child is 40-60%. Excess humidity can lead to bronchial disease, headaches, migraines, runny nose and general malaise. In addition, due to the eternal dampness, mold may appear in the room, which is also dangerous to health. Mold is able to penetrate into the lung tissue very deeply, which as a result can cause diseases such as asthma and pneumonia.

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