Can a 2-month-old baby have teething

In the section «Ask an expert a question», our reader Nancy asks:

«My daughter is 2 months and 1 week old. In recent days, I notice that she seems to be teething. The child began to cry more, began to gnaw his fist, even if he had eaten recently. Constantly drooling. Can teeth really be cut so early? Isn’t this a pathology? And how to ease the child’s pain?»

– Teething in 2 months is possible. This is not considered a pathology. There have been cases when babies were born with teeth already. Basically, they are subject to removal, because they interfere with breastfeeding and make it difficult to take the mixture from the bottle. But there are cases when they are left. Everything is individual.

At 2 months, eruption is considered early. This is due to genetics. Mom’s previous illnesses, taking or not taking any vitamins by mom does not affect the timing of teething. But it can affect the quality of teeth.

The timing of eruption may be affected by deficiencies of vitamins and trace elements in the child himself, but in this case, on the contrary, we assume a later eruption.

Teething — how to relieve pain
Gels with lidocaine, benzocaine and other local anesthetics under the age of 4 years cannot be used! Homeopathic medicines, which include belladonna, are also prohibited to use. Drugs in which choline salicylate is present are questionable. The risks and side effects outweigh the potential benefits.

What to do:

Massage the baby’s gums with your finger or a silicone brush.

Use a cold teether. Only freeze in the refrigerator, not in the freezer.

Give a nibbler with a chilled product that is already familiar to the baby.

Give a pacifier. Personally, I am against the nipple, it is better to give the baby a breast once again. But for babies on artificial feeding, this may be the way out.

If nothing else helps, as a last resort, use antipyretics for pain, allowed for children.

Should I brush my baby’s teeth?
Brushing teeth with toothpaste and a brush (not a fingertip or a silicone brush) begins immediately as soon as the first tooth has erupted. This is very important!

There is a myth that the earlier the baby teeth erupted, the more they are susceptible to caries. That’s not so. It’s just that most pediatricians still advise starting to brush your teeth with paste no earlier than a year, or even a year and a half.

If you immediately start brushing children’s teeth with a brush and paste, and also use xylitol wipes to clean teeth after night feedings, then caries can be avoided.

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