Body care: what’s good in the morning is bad in the evening

In the morning it is best:
For many, a morning shower is an indispensable alarm clock. And that’s right. It not only invigorates and tones up, but also washes away the products of the nocturnal vital activity of cells (toxins and slags are excreted on the surface of the skin overnight). Morning water treatments are also an ideal time for shaving your legs. The fact is that in the evening the blood flow increases, and with a cut, the blood will go much longer.

In the morning, it is also important for us to take care of the safety of the skin. During the day, skin cells resist external aggressors and trigger natural defense mechanisms. The task of day creams is to protect us from ultraviolet light, pollution, dry air and prevent photoaging (pigmentation, wrinkles, dryness). The «fighters of the invisible front» perfectly cope with this mission: SPF filters and antioxidant complexes with vitamins, minerals and acids.

The «larks» have more chances to achieve lasting makeup. The work of the sebaceous glands reaches its peak by noon. At this time, the skin secretes a lot of sebum (sebum), and make-up is the worst. To reduce sebum production and prolong the life of makeup, apply a pore-tightening agent to pre-cleansed skin. To remove greasy shine during the day, keep matting wipes and mineral powder on hand. Light smokes for the face will not only fix the makeup, but also refresh and fill the skin with a subtle fragrance.

Body care: what's good in the morning is bad in the evening

The day is best:
Surely you have noticed more than once that in the interval between 14 and 15 hours you usually «nod your nose». It turns out that this state of drowsiness (which, by the way, has nothing to do with what we ate at lunch) is psychologically programmed. In many countries, from time immemorial, people listen to their body and go to siesta at this time. And during these hours it remains for us to pamper ourselves with spa treatments that calm the body and mind. Which is also, you will agree, a good option.

Hair loss and growth are naturally subordinated to the biorhythms of the hair follicle. As well as sebaceous secretions, the hormone that promotes hair loss is very active by the end of the morning. Thus, anti-hair loss products, which are designed to inhibit its action, are best used at noon.

In contrast to the prevailing opinion, taking a bath before going to bed does not contribute to falling asleep. Exactly the opposite! In fact, sleep occurs at a low body temperature. If you like to soak in the bathroom, it’s better to do it before dinner (until 19.00). Otherwise, there is a chance to earn insomnia.

In the evening it is best to:
At night, the excretory function of the skin is activated. It is important that the makeup does not clog the pores and does not interfere with the skin to get rid of all the excess. And the care products will be able to penetrate into the deep layers only if the skin is well cleansed. Do not forget to carefully remove mascara: painted eyelashes are more fragile and often break in a dream. For «general cleaning» (which is better to be carried out no more than 1-2 times a week), exfoliating agents with alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA) are suitable. They improve skin respiration and activate cell regeneration. Remember that they increase the sensitivity of the skin to UV radiation. That is why, in order to avoid the appearance of age spots and burns, they should be applied at night when you are not exposed to the sun.

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