Biting your nails and screaming: these 9 bad habits are good for health

Yes, all this sometimes irritates the hell out of others. But in life, such habits can only be to your advantage. The next time someone (most likely your parents again) makes a remark to you, you can answer that it is actually very useful…

Imagine that you hit your little finger on the leg of the bed, and a child is sleeping next to you. You will hiss with restraint, but you are unlikely to swear loudly. But if you could say everything you think, then it wouldn’t hurt so much.

This, by the way, was confirmed by an experiment, the participants of which were asked to hold their hand in icy water. Those who had the opportunity to swear out loud endured twice as long.

«Swearing is a well—known anesthetic,» says Dr. Richard Stevens of the University of Kiel.

Other studies have confirmed the connection of obscene words with endurance during sports, as well as with stress levels at work.

Yes, maybe from the outside a person who can’t sit still doesn’t look very good. But this is what the NEAT concept is based on, that is, a system of burning calories without exercise.

Its essence is that every even the tiniest action is taken into account: whether you change your posture, cross your legs, dangle your legs — every movement is the way to a slim figure. Therefore, fidget to your health.

…chewing gum
Most often, for some reason, it infuriates teachers. They demand that students do not have any chewing gum in the classroom. A speech about a cow that is a ruminant animal, probably everyone has heard.

But in fact, it would be better to even give the guys chewing gum at the control. Scientists have found out that if a child chews it before completing a task, the brain will be saturated with oxygen, and the student will become more attentive.

Well, dentists have long confirmed that chewing gum is useful (only without sugar!). It stimulates the production of saliva, which washes out harmful bacteria from the oral cavity. And you don’t need to chew for more than 10 minutes.

…there is chocolate
Yes, it may not be the best product for teeth. But chocolate with a high cocoa content improves memory and reduces the risk of heart disease. In addition, it reduces the risk of depression — and this, too, has already been proven by research.

And a piece of chocolate at breakfast or before going to bed reduces blood sugar levels, and also helps to remove extra pounds.

«I would just not advise eating white chocolate or low—quality milk chocolate, which mainly consists of fat and sugar,» warns weight loss expert Sally Norton.

Biting your nails and screaming: these 9 bad habits are good for health

…making a mess
Do you remember how we «excused ourselves» in front of our parents that we didn’t have a scratch, but a creative mess? So, we were right! American researchers have proved that chaos on the desktop stimulates creativity.

During the experiment, the volunteers were allocated a cleaned or cluttered room and asked to figure out how to use ping-pong balls (not for their intended purpose). Those who thought in a mess were 28% more creative.

Of course, it’s not good to discuss other people, but you can’t order the body — it will only benefit him. Researchers say that when you gossip, an empathic connection is formed between you and the interlocutor, which helps to establish contacts. And if you also discuss something funny, hormones of good mood and well-being are activated, which reduce the level of stress and anxiety.

…don’t make the bed
I got up and cleaned the bed: a habit that has been living in us since early childhood. Those who allowed themselves to go to school, leaving the bed unmade, were then subjected to strict parental study — there are no servants at home.

In fact, a bed made up immediately after sleep promotes the reproduction of dust mites — sources of allergies. More than a million of them can live in one ordinary mattress. And there is only one way to deal with them — by «airing» the bed. If you do not make the bed and at the same time open the window, then there will be less moisture on the sheets and duvet covers, and the ticks will die from dehydration.

…skip the daily shower
Of course, we do not recommend doing this on the days when you go to work. But a couple of times a week, on a day off, it’s worth giving the skin a break.

The fact is that daily washing, according to a number of dermatologists, deprives the skin of natural protective oils that help it to be moisturized and elastic. In addition, a frequent shower washes away beneficial bacteria that could prevent some diseases, that is, deprives it of barrier functions.

…biting nails
But this is a surprise — children who bite their nails or suck their thumbs are less susceptible to allergies! Some scientists associate this with the «sterility theory»: when moms, obsessed with cleanliness, boil nipples and toys and wash floors 10 times a day, and their child is more allergic than the one who was not isolated from microbes.

«When children suck their thumbs or bite their nails, dirt and germs get into their body, and this stimulates the immune system,» says Canadian researcher Malcolm Sears from the Firestone Institute of Respiratory Health. «And that’s not a bad thing at all.»

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