Beauty Treatments That Can Harm Your Eyesight

In the pursuit of beauty, we do not always correctly assess the risks and the difficulties that may arise over time. But some cosmetic procedures and operations can negatively affect not only the skin, but also such an important organ as the eyes.

Our expert tells us which «beauty procedures» should be approached with caution.

The appearance on the market of a wide range of beauty procedures and a large number of specialists does not always speak about the quality and guaranteed result. Often these manipulations lead to facial distortion, as well as irreparable consequences, including with the visual organ. And this is not surprising, because most cosmetic procedures are carried out in close proximity to the eyes.

One of the most common procedures now can be called injections of drugs based on botulinum toxin. The botox drug itself is not dangerous, but its incorrect administration can lead to complications. So, in practice, there have been cases of strabismus or ptosis of the upper eyelid. During the injection, the drug had an effect on the nerve, and the patient’s eye was always half closed after that.

Also, if the drug is administered incorrectly, there may be a deterioration of vision near. It is worth avoiding specialists whose work you do not know, as well as «burning» promotions of beauty salons. Saving in this case can turn into big trouble.

We have met many cases of corneal or retinal burns that occur during laser procedures. Radiation is very dangerous in direct contact with the eyes. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a proven clinic with certified equipment and with a competent specialist who observes all necessary precautions.

Chemical peeling
It is not only one of the most popular methods of rejuvenation, but, unfortunately, it is also a frequent cause of burns. The essence of such peeling is to apply substances with acids in the composition to the skin of the face, including the delicate areas around the eyes and eyelids. Contact with the substance in the eyes, and even vapors can harm the eyes and provoke, at least, inflammation, and at most, a burn. And if you delay the treatment, it can even lead to loss of vision.

Ideally, the chemical peeling procedure is carried out with the eyes tightly closed with a bandage or a special mask. If a burning sensation occurs during the procedure, it is urgently necessary to wash off the substance.

Another beauty procedure that requires jewelry work and the professionalism of the master is eyelid tattooing. The process of applying the «eternal» arrows occurs at the border with the eye. The master works with a needle in the interstitial zone, and any careless action can lead to very negative consequences.

It is very important to obtain information about the procedure itself, its course and consequences, as well as about the clinic, the specialist and the apparatus on which the procedure will be performed before any procedure that may affect important functions of your body. It is not necessary to shift the responsibility to the master, you should be as knowledgeable as possible in order to assess all the risks in advance.

If there are any unpleasant sensations in the eyes after the procedure, do not wait or consult with a cosmetologist, you should immediately see an ophthalmologist to identify problems at the initial stage.

Consult an ophthalmologist about possible risks and precautions before the procedure. After it, it is also advisable to see a doctor to make sure that there were no complications and the procedure went without compromising your vision.

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