«At what age can a child brush his teeth with an electric brush and floss»

In our section «Ask an expert a question», reader Violetta asks:

«I’m thinking of buying an electric toothbrush for my child. At what age can I use these? And when should I teach a child to dental floss and irrigators?»

— There are electric brushes that can be used from the first tooth. There are electric toothbrushes from 0 to 3 years old with several attachments included. But not all children perceive such brushes positively at a young age. Everything is very individual, so you need to try carefully and enter so as not to scare.

If everything went smoothly, but at some point the child suddenly refuses to brush his teeth with an electric brush, you can postpone it for several months, and then try again. From 0-3 I recommend electric toothbrushes like Brush-baby. From the age of 1, you can try Hapica brushes. But I still recommend combining an electric brush with a regular manual one.

For the first teeth, a Pigeon set is good. It includes two silicone brushes and one with bristles.

From the first tooth we clean with brushes with bristles. Silicone brushes clean plaque very poorly. They are needed for teething, not for cleansing.

From the first tooth, we also use pastes. We are not afraid that the child will swallow them. In terms of quantity, the first teeth will have enough paste the size of half a grain of rice. It is better to choose a paste after consulting with a dentist according to your needs. After 2.5-3 years, you can completely switch to electric brushes, provided that the child will allow you to control the force of pressing. At this age, I recommend Oral-B brushes.

Flossing can be introduced from the age of two. Give the child to use first, and then help.

The irrigator can be introduced from the age of three, but provided that there is a sensitive mode, and the child does not hurt, and the gums do not bleed after use.

It is better to start using an irrigator while bathing in the bath. This, of course, will be more like a game and an introduction to a new procedure than a full-fledged use for some effect. But the child will develop a useful habit and will have an understanding of full oral hygiene.

But, of course, it is much easier to introduce electric brushes, threads, irrigators if parents already use them, and the child has an example before his eyes.

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