An undesirable reaction to food in a baby

An undesirable reaction to food in a baby
When introducing complementary foods, new products and dishes for crumbs should be mastered gradually. But you should be prepared for the fact that even with strict adherence to all the recommendations of the pediatrician, an infant may have undesirable reactions to food in the form of rashes, regurgitation, constipation, intestinal colic. Sometimes similar troubles happen to babies who are fed only with their mother’s milk. Among the culprits of such troubles may be allergies or disorders in the functioning of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract (for example, its increased permeability or insufficient enzyme activity).

An undesirable reaction to food in a baby

We need to figure it out
First of all, you should understand what caused the «conflict»: a true allergy or other adverse reactions. The first is a disease associated with the reaction of the immune system to the invasion of substances unknown to it from the outside. The risk of developing allergies is higher in those children who have at least one of their parents suffering from a similar ailment. Infants have an allergic reaction most often to cow’s milk protein, eggs, fish, gluten grain protein.

Unexpected reaction
It happens that the baby has problems with an already familiar product. Why is this happening? It happens that an undesirable reaction occurs completely unexpectedly, even if the parents did not introduce anything new into the crumbs menu. It’s just that instead of an industrial puree of one brand, the crumbs bought the same product, but from a different manufacturer. Although the composition of industrial baby food is regulated by strict requirements, the contents of the «jars» may differ slightly from one company to another.

The problem may be caused by components that the «predecessor» did not have, for example, some vitamins or seasonings. But it is difficult to pinpoint the «culprit». Therefore, consult a doctor and try again in 2-3 weeks, returning to the previous manufacturer.

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