Age spots: the most important thing you need to know about them

Pigmentation is a complex mechanism of the body’s adaptation to changes that occur inside us or outside. But it does not bode well. The appearance of dark spots is caused by malfunctions in the work of melanocyte cells synthesizing melanin. This is the very pigment that is responsible for our favorite tan. But if it accumulates too much, instead of a uniform and beautiful color, the skin becomes covered with spots. It is not so easy to remove them, and if nothing is done, over time the pattern becomes darker, and the skin becomes rougher and dims, because the spots prevent it from reflecting light well and shining from the inside.

Verification work
Violations most often occur either due to hormonal surges, or due to excessive UV exposure. In the first case, spots can appear at any age. Although the spots do get darker over the years. This process is called photoaging of the skin, and it is natural for all of us.

If melanocytes at the genetic level are particularly susceptible to sunlight, everything usually starts with freckles. And this is also a kind of hyperpigmentation, albeit the easiest form.

But often hyperpigmentation is a consequence of a careless attitude towards oneself. If you get carried away with lotions with citric acid and apple cider vinegar, redness and peeling appear, and over time a pigment spot forms on the place of the compress. As well as after peels and laser procedures carried out in the summer without following the recommendations of a cosmetologist. The same thing happens if you squeeze out pimples. At the site of the brutal massacre, a blue-brown spot first remains, which lasts for a long time. At some stage, the pigment is activated, and it becomes dark brown. In all these cases, we are talking about post-traumatic pigmentation.

On the alert
While the spots have not yet appeared, it is better to take preventive measures.

In summer, aggressive peels are definitely banned. In the sunny season, it is allowed to use only surface products with alpha hydroxy acids in a concentration not exceeding 10% at home.

Age spots: the most important thing you need to know about them

If you decide to carry out any laser procedure on your face, you can’t go to the sea for a whole month.

Use creams with sunscreen filters daily. There is no need to choose between physical and chemical. Both types should be in the composition. Physical filters will create an impenetrable protective shield on the surface of the skin, and chemical filters will work at the lower level below it. But that alone is not enough. Look for antioxidants in the formula — the more of them, the better. Vitamins C and E are currently recognized as the most powerful. If they perform a duet, it will only be better. Antioxidants fight the aging of cells, preventing malfunctions in the functioning of melanocytes, including. And at the same time provide anti-stress protection from the effects of negative environmental factors. Also, moisturizing and regenerating components should be present in the composition so that the skin feels as comfortable as possible. Significantly simplify the task will help toning ingredients: then in the morning you can do with just one cream. Such 5-in-1 tools have already appeared, and they are currently the most convenient and effective.

Figure out the SPF indicator. In winter, when the sky is overcast, 20 units are enough. If it’s freezing outside, but the sun is shining, choose thirty. In the warm season, and especially on the beach — only 50 or 50+. The same filter will be required if you performed photo or laser procedures the day before.

If no means help for years, and the hormonal background is normal, take a blood test for ferritin. If the level of this protein is lowered, it is pointless to fight hyperpigmentation without replenishing the deficit.

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