A woman dropped 60 kg for the sake of pregnancy, and after giving birth — another 80

Englishwoman Laura Davis suffered from excess weight since childhood. The girl was teased at school because of her figure, and the only consolation of the child was food – such a vicious circle. At the age of 12, Laura weighed 76 kg.

«From the age of 12 to 16, I counted the days until graduation,» says Laura.

After the girl went to college to study makeup — Laura dreamed of working on film sets. And a little later, through friends, she met her future fiance Martin. A handsome, fit guy was able to see the beauty of Laura despite being overweight.

When Laura turned 18, they began to live together. The girl’s schedule was tense. I had to work 12 hours a day. Stress at work, Laura habitually ate cookies and other sweets. And in the evening, when she came home tired, she ate a huge pizza with her boyfriend, fatty chicken wings and chips.

A woman dropped 60 kg for the sake of pregnancy, and after giving birth — another 80

«Martin is one of those people who eats and does not get fat. And it seems that one look at the cake is enough for me to put on weight,» says Laura.

Yes, they went to the gym, but after training on the way home they always stopped by for a portion of hamburger and chips. So Laura got fat to 152 kg.

However, the girl’s fiance still did not pay attention to her excess weight. Moreover, soon the couple matured to children. Unfortunately, it wasn’t that simple. For several years Laura and Martin tried to conceive a child, but without success. After a bunch of examinations and tests, the doctors said that there were no problems with fertility. Then Laura realized that her excess weight was to blame for everything.

One day the girl went to the mirror, saw herself and began to cry.

«I was only 23 years old. How could I launch myself like that?! It seemed like my life was over,» she lamented.

A woman dropped 60 kg for the sake of pregnancy, and after giving birth — another 80

And the next day, Laura met one of her clients, who had noticeably lost weight. The woman told about her nutrition plan, and Laura decided to act. There was no special secret in that diet: fewer carbohydrates and special cocktails to replace meals.

So for 9 months, the girl lost 57 kg. And a month later, like a bolt from the blue, Laura became pregnant.

«How we rejoiced! And this once again confirmed my guesses — I could not get pregnant because of excess weight,» says Davis.

However, during pregnancy, almost half of the lost weight returned. After giving birth, Laura weighed 127 kg. But the doctors said to wait with the diet until the baby is three months old. And as soon as Laura decided to take care of herself again, she found out that she was pregnant again.

The young parents were happy. However, the second pregnancy turned out to be much more difficult than the first.

«This time I felt terrible. And then I was taken to the hospital with a suspected heart attack,» says Laura.

It turned out that the young mother had serious problems with the gallbladder, but it was too risky to remove it during pregnancy. To ease the pain, doctors prescribed a low-fat diet for Laura. But this only increased the weight problem — the woman began to lean on carbohydrates again.

Fortunately, Davis was able to deliver the baby, and a month later she had her gallbladder removed. By that time, the young mother weighed the same as before her grandiose weight loss.

I looked at my photos taken two weeks after giving birth. I looked like a walrus. There was simply no neck. And I realized — my time has come»

Gradually, the young mother began to introduce balanced, low-carb dishes into the diet, such as tuna salads or chicken with rice and cauliflower, and the arrow on the scales went down. So Laura lost 80 kilos and now weighs 76 kg. I had to completely update my wardrobe, changing the 50th size of clothes to the 38th.

By the way, Laura still eats chips. Only not purchased, but homemade cabbage.

«Sometimes I can eat a whole bag of cabbage chips in a day,» she admits. — Now almost all my food is green. I think I’m going to turn green myself soon.»

Laura and Martin will celebrate their wedding next year. In the meantime, a young mother wants to lose another couple of sizes due to a tummy tuck.

«It is impossible to lose weight overnight. But I sincerely believe that if you are consistent and do not give up, you will be able to achieve amazing results,» Laura instructs her subscribers. — And one day you will ask yourself: «Why didn’t I take care of myself earlier?»

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